This post is very late! I went to Paris back in April but as I’ve just come back from yet another trip to the French capital, I thought I would share another day of our trip.

On our third day, we went to one of my favourite restaurants in Paris, Breakfast in America. After filling ourselves up on pancakes, bacon and eggs, we headed over to Paris’ very own cat cafe, Cafe des Chats. I first visited Cafe des Chats back in 2013 with Amy and my friend Alex was desperate to go herself after hearing all about it. We spent a good couple of hours with the cats and it was so relaxed, it’s a much nicer environment than Lady Dinah’s in London and the cats are all super friendly.

We then went over to the Catacombs which is the one thing I really wanted to do but have never managed to on my previous visits to Paris. I’m so pleased I finally managed to visit, the Catacombs are so interesting if you’re interested in history at all. It was really quite eerie down there as I’m sure you can imagine with all the skulls but it was definitely a highlight of my trip.

After the Catacombs we went over to have a look at Notre Dame and saw that the queue for the towers wasn’t very big, so we ended up climbing the towers in 29 degree heat which was quite an experience! The views from the top were definitely worth it though, even though I was only up there 10 months before.


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  1. October 29, 2015 / 5:00 pm

    I really wish I’d known about Cafe de Cats when I was there! That looks amazing. I loved the Catacombes although they were pretty creepy. Very interesting though! Hope you had an amazing time, thanks for sharing your lovely photos xx

    Sophie Elizabeth

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