If you’re in the UK right now, no doubt you’re experiencing some horrible weather. Down here in Winchester, we have snow which is really rare! Even when there was loads of snow before Christmas, Hampshire didn’t get any. I’m so unprepared for this sort of weather – I have coats but they’re not really proper winter coats, so I’m having to layer up and hope for the best. At the moment, I have a pair of leggings on under some jeans (thankfully, I’ve lost a bit of weight recently so the jeans are huge on me and can now accomodate the leggings underneath!), a long sleeved thermal top underneath a big vintage jumper and then my faux fur coat. I really need to stock up on some more warm clothing though, so I’ve been having a look online and have noticed that River Island have a lot of great pieces of knitwear especially.

Having a warm winter coat is an essential and I haven’t bought a new one for a couple of years. I’ve noticed that these puffer style coats have been everywhere recently and now I’m really regretting not getting one. They look like they’d be perfect for this cold weather – it’s basically like wearing a sleeping bag! I need to try to get myself one to wear this weekend while the weather is still awful.

Like I mentioned before, River Island is a great place to go for knitwear at the moment. I like layering up with cardigans and long sleeved tops, as when you get inside somewhere with central heating, it’s easier to strip off. I adore this yellow cardigan that I found and it would go perfectly with the rest of my wardrobe.

Good boots are essential when it’s snowing. I’ve had these Dr Martens in my wardrobe for about four years now and I still haven’t got around to breaking them in. They hurt so bad when you first wear them, but I know that as soon as I’ve broken them in, they’ll be the comfiest boots I own. I love the cherry red colour and they will go with my winter outfits, so I need to get wearing them!

I always make sure I’m wearing a hat and scarf when the weather is this bad, I usually get mine from Primark and I have a huge collection. At the moment, I’m loving my woolly hat with two pompoms on, it kind of looks like Mickey Mouse ears which is really cute but any kind of knitted hat is great.



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