Walt Disney World is a very hyped up place – it seems as though everyone who has been has loved it and many people go again and again. As I’d never been before, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I’ve been to Disneyland Paris four times before and although I have always enjoyed it, the last time I went was for five days and I found myself getting bored of it.

The first park we visited in Walt Disney World was Magic Kingdom. We went here on my birthday so that I could have breakfast with Winnie The Pooh at Crystal Palace and also have dinner at Be Out Guest. Out of all of the parks, Magic Kingdom is the one that is most like Disneyland Paris as it has the castle (although Cinderella’s instead of Sleeping Beauty’s), it has similar rides and it also has Main Street USA. After a few hours in the park and once I had been on most of the rides, I found myself getting a bit bored as it was so similar to Disneyland Paris, so I headed back to the hotel room for a shower and a rest. Throughout the whole holiday, I only went to Magic Kingdom twice and didn’t ever do a full day there!


The park that I spent the most time in was Epcot. Before I went, I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy Epcot as much as I did. We first went on our second day in Florida and the parks were all closing early due to Hurricane Matthew and the weather wasn’t great, so there were barely any queues and we got to go on a few rides. We went back to eat at various restaurants and to experience the Food and Wine Festival, I also watched the fireworks alone on our final night.

My favourite of all the Disney parks was definitely Animal Kingdom. It was the park that I was the most excited about visiting and I loved it as soon as I stepped inside. It’s definitely something to do with the monkeys! I only went to Animal Kingdom twice but I managed to get on Expedition Everest four times which was my favourite ride. I just loved the atmosphere, everyone was so happy and friendly.

Hollywood Studios was my least favourite of all of the parks, I’m not sure why this is. Maybe because it reminds me of the one in Paris which I feel like I’ve done to death? I’d heard Tower of Terror was meant to be a lot better than the one in Paris, so I went on that twice and loved it. I spent a whole day at Hollywood Studios and then went back to see Fantasmic later on in the week after a day in Animal Kingdom.

I found it difficult to spend so much time on Disney property, so we broke the holiday up by also going to Universal Studios for two days and having a couple of days where we didn’t go into any of the parks. I had such a great time and can definitely see why people go back time and time again. I would love to go back, however I don’t think I can do it for a few years – I’m not sure how people can cope with going once (or twice) a year!


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