When I found out that there was a cat cafe in Barcelona, I just had to get us booked in for our trip in June. I love cat cafes and so far including this one in Barcelona, I have been to five in four different countries (you can read my previous posts about London, Paris and Amsterdam), I think they’re brilliant! One of my goals on my 30 before 30 list is to visit two new cat cafes, so now I’m halfway to completing that one!

Espai de Gats Barcelona cat cafe

The location

Espai De Gats is located just a short walk away from Sagrada Familia. The closest Metro stops are Joanic and Gràcia. It’s tucked away down a little street but was easy enough to find with the help of Google Maps and City Mapper. I’d made a reservation for 11am, but when we got there I realised that it probably wasn’t necessary. Although the cafe is quite small, there weren’t a lot of guests while we were there.


There are four different options when you visit the cat cafe:

  • Simple – €3 for 30 mins entry
  • Cat Person – €5 for 90 mins entry including a drink
  • Cat Friend – €6.50 for 90 mins entry including a drink and snack
  • Cat Fan – €8 for 90 mins entry including a drink and deli meal (sandwich or something similar)

We went for the Cat Person option, as we didn’t fancy having anything to eat and I wanted to spend quite a while with the cats.

Barcelona Cat Cafe

There only appeared to be one member of staff working in Espai de Gats at the time of our visit. As she took our money and drinks orders, she gave us a piece of paper with the rules written on in English for us to read through. Once we’d sat down and she’d brought our drinks over, we didn’t actually see her again. Apart from when new guests came in and she was taking their payments, she was absent. I found this to be a bit weird. At all of the other cat cafes that I’ve been to, the staff spend a lot of time interacting with the cats. They also really enjoy telling you about them. Obviously, we don’t speak Spanish, but I thought she might come over and encourage the cats to play.

Barcelona Cat cafe

The cats

I’m not sure how many cats were at Espai de Gats. They had access to the back of the cafe which is where their litter trays were. They also had little hidey holes which is obviously a ‘safe space’ for them to go when they want to be alone. There were quite a few cats near to the window, snoozing on a cat tree and playing about. I think we must have seen around ten cats while we were there. There was a bit of information on the menus with five of the cat’s names on.

Barcelona cat cafe

I did enjoy my visit to Espai de Gats. However, I wish I’d been able to find out more about the cats. At the cat cafe in Paris they have a booklet with photos of each cat and their names. I think something like this would have been really helpful especially as it’s also an adoption centre. If you wanted to, you could adopt one of them. I think it’s definitely worth a visit if you’re into cat cafes, as the cats are very sweet. I did get scratched by one, but he was a fellow ginger, so I forgive him. It’s nice to spend time with some furry friends.

Espai DeGats
Carrer de Terol, 29, 08012 Barcelona


  1. August 14, 2017 / 7:02 pm

    Ah it looks so much fun! What an interesting thing to do while on holiday.

  2. August 14, 2017 / 7:33 pm

    OMG, a cat cafe! There is one in London and silly me still hasn’t been; I have been wanting to visit Barcelona anyway so knowing this it’s made it to the top of my list! x

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