Travel: An evening in Barcelona and Madrid

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A few weeks ago I was invited along to an event held by Talented Talkers and Monarch Airlines to celebrate the fact that there are now more flights available from Birmingham Airport to Spain. The event was held in the fancy tapas restaurant Amantia on Bennett’s Hill in Birmingham city centre and the theme for the night was all things Barcelona and Madrid.

We were promised a proper Spanish experience and it would be like taking a trip to Barcelona and Madrid without actually getting on a plane. I was really excited for this as although I visited Majorca a couple of times when I was 10 and 11, I’ve never actually been to mainland Spain and Barcelona on my travel bucket list so I thought it would be great to learn a lot more about a city I really want to visit.




At the start of the evening we were treated to some amazing tapas dishes, my favourite was the manchego cheese and the chorizo in a red wine sauce, there was also a cold meat sharing platter which I think I devoured most of. There was then a few different activities for us to get involved in, so we learnt a bit of Spanish (which I’ve annoyingly forgotten now!) and we mixed our own jug of Sangria (or rather Lou did) with guidance.


The highlight of the evening was the flamenco dancing which was spectacular. I’ve never seen proper flamenco dancers but my parents have been to both mainland Spain and Majorca recently and had told me just how amazing they are. We were then invited to try out the flamenco dancing for ourselves – I passed on this as my back was hurting and I’m really not a great dancer but it was so good to watch everyone having a go.

IMG_0158At the end of the evening, prizes were awarded for the best tweet (which won two return flights to Barcelona) and for the best selfie with the cabin crew (which won two return flights to Madrid). I’m super excited to say that I won the flights to Barcelona with the below tweet!

I’m not sure when I will be going to Barcelona but I’ve preliminarily booked a hotel over Primavera Festival which is something I’ve wanted to go to for a while, so hopefully I can find someone to come with me (Tom has first dibs!) and explore the city.


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