If you know me, you will know that I love to travel. I am always on the go whether it’s across the UK or further afield. I have been on quite a few different holidays over the last couple of years. One of my favourites was my visit to Portaventura in Spain. I love a theme park and a thrill seeking holiday is something that really excites me! 

Thrill seeking holidays

I would definitely love to go on some more thrill seeking holidays. As I said, I visited Portaventura last year which was great fun. There were so many different rides there and we spent a couple of days trying them all out. My favourite one just so happens to be the tallest and fastest rollercoaster in Europe – this was called Red Force. We went on it twice in a row and I loved it! As well as Portaventura, I’ve also spent two weeks in Orlando, Florida at Disneyworld and Universal Studios. That was a great fortnight with so many amazing rollercoasters!

Apart from theme parks, there are plenty of other ideas for thrill seeking holidays. I recently did my very first skydive which was so exciting. If I was to ever sky dive again, I would love to do it somewhere abroad. I think it would be so amazing to jump out of a plane over somewhere like Dubai or over the Californian coast line. How amazing would that be? I also like the idea of doing a bungee jump. I know a lot of my friends have done one when they’ve been travelling in places like Australia and New Zealand.

Make sure you get some travel insurance. Travel insurance from Bupa is the best way to go. I would never be without travel insurance now, it is so important. Especially after my awful experience travelling home from Luxembourg! I would hate to be injured and stuck in a foreign country not being able to do anything.

Have you ever been on a thrill seeking holiday? Would you go on one?


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