Travelling to the US has never really been high on my list, I think I was mainly put off by the flight. Since I travelled to Florida in 2016 however, I’ve really wanted to go back. I loved everything about Orlando (apart from Hurricane Matthew) and would obviously love to go back there, but there are other places that I would like to explore too.

New York

The first place on my list is New York, the city that never sleeps. I’ve never really wanted to visit until recently when I realised just how many museums there are there. I would love to spend a day in the Metropolitan Museum of Art (MoMA) and see one of my favourite Van Gogh pieces in the flesh. It would also be amazing to have a look around the Ground Zero museum. Obviously, I would take a boat out to see the Statue of Liberty and go up the Empire State Building too.

Las Vegas

Las Vegas is a place that didn’t really appeal to me until I saw a lot of other people going there. Over the last year or so, so many of my friends have visited and it looks like such a fun place. There’s so many different things that appeal to me especially the amazing hotels – each one has a theme! I would definitely spend some time gambling but I would also want to see the sights in Las Vegas too. If I was rich, I would definitely want to spend a night in the flashiest hotel there is. I quite like the look of the Luxor as I’m so obsessed with Ancient Egypt.

I don’t think you could ever get bored while you are in Las Vegas! I also like the look of the Eiffel Tower Experience – it’s a replica of the real on in Paris but at half the scale. Having been up the real Eiffel Tower three times, I would love to see how this one compares. Obviously, the views would be very different and I think it would be spectacular to go up at night.


Now I know that California is a massive state, but there’s several places that I want to visit there so I thought I’d lump them all together. Recently, my friend Kariss went over to California for her 30th birthday and she had such a great time. It’s made me want to visit all of the places she has been to. First of all, there’s Anaheim which is the home to Disneyland – the original Disney park and the only one that Walt Disney actually managed to visit. This isn’t as big as Disneyworld so I’d only need a couple of days there. I’d also like to visit Universal Studios in Hollywood to see how they compare to the one in Orlando. Finally, a trip up the coast to San Francisco would mean I could take in the sights along the way and then explore this vibrant city once I’m there.

Have you been to any of these places? Which do you think I should go to first?


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