Ever since I started learning German in year eight, I’ve wanted to visit Germany. I finally got to go back in 2016 when I took a trip to Dusseldorf, Cologne and The Netherlands. Since then, I’ve been back a couple more times on press trips. I’ve been to Cologne again and I also had 24 hours in Berlin. A few months ago, I got the pleasure of sitting on the floor of Frankfurt Hahn airport for six hours as well.  From what I’ve seen of the country so far, I really love Germany. There are so many other cities that I want to explore.


As I said, I was only in Berlin for 24 hours which means that I didn’t get to see much at all. I made sure I hopped on a sightseeing bus in the couple of hours that I had free, so I at least saw some of the sights. One day, I would love to go back and visit Museum Island, take a proper look at Berliner Dom, get my photo taken at Checkpoint Charlie and have a walk around the zoo. I am actually planning a trip there towards the end of the year in collaboration with a brand which is really exciting!


So, I’ve kind of been to Frankfurt.. I mean, I spent a lot of time in Frankfurt Hahn airport during my stressful Ryanair experience. The airport is over 100km out of Frankfurt, so it doesn’t count but I would really like to go to the actual city and explore it. Frankfurt is the fifth largest German city and has some beautiful architecture. I’d definitely consider booking accommodation at https://frankfurt.capribyfraser.com/ if I do decide to visit Frankfurt.


Since Kariss went over to Hamburg last year, it’s been on my list of places to visit. Hamburg is a major port city and is Germany’s second largest city. The city has a lot of history which I would love to find out more about. I have also heard that there is a lot of culture and it would be ideal for a weekend break. Flights from the UK to Germany are not too expensive at all, so I’m definitely going to look into going at some point next year.

I would love to go to Germany and cycle around the cities, I have been looking at cheap bikes recently.

Have you ever been to Germany? Where would you recommend?


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