The heat in England right now is way too much. Although, we will all moan about the cold once winter comes around! Right now I would prefer to be somewhere abroad where they are better prepared for temperatures like this. I long to be sleeping in a hotel room with air-con. It would be so good to have a decent night’s sleep without being hot and sticky! Here are some of the destinations that are high on my list at the moment.


There’s so many different islands as well as mainland Greece, I wouldn’t know where to start. I do know that Athens, the birthplace of the Olympics and the capital city is a must-see for me. I’m so interested in the history of Ancient Greece and would love to visit one of the world’s oldest cities. As well as Athens, I would just love to go to Santorini (those white and blue buildings just look beautiful) and also Rhodes. You could definitely indulge in a mixture of a beach holiday and a city break in Greece.


I’ve always wanted to visit Turkey as the culture really interests me. As well as being a really beautiful country, there’s so much to see and do there. There’s such an interesting history to the country and as it is located in both Europe and Western Asia, there’s so much diversity. Obviously, Turkey is such a massive country so I would need to choose where exactly I wanted to go. I would love to go to Istanbul, the country’s capital but there are also other cities that I am interested in and it would be great to visit a beach resort. Mark Warner has some amazing deals on Turkish holidays.


I can’t believe that I haven’t been to Italy yet. I’ve been wanting to go to Rome ever since I first learnt about Ancient Rome in year three at primary school. It was actually one of the reasons I wanted to become an archaeologist! I would love to visit Rome and then take a trip out to Pompeii for the day to see Mount Vesuvius. I quite fancy visiting Milan and Venice as well. Maybe I could try to do all three cities in one trip? I’ve bookmarked Rachel’s post on Milan for future reference!


I’ve only recently decided that I want to visit Portugal. My parents went to Lisbon on a cruise a few years ago and they loved it. Since then, I’ve done a bit of research and realised that I would also love to go there. Lisbon is the capital city so there’s obviously a lot to see and do there. I really like the look of Porto and the Algarve too. Although I don’t know too much about the history or culture in Portugal, I would love to learn more about it. I think a city break to Lisbon would be a great idea!

Have you been to any of these destinations? Where would you recommend?


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  1. July 26, 2018 / 11:02 pm

    Santorini is definitely one of my favourite holidays I have been on, the island is so beautiful and picturesque! I’ve never been to Italy either but there are so many places there I would love to go including Milan, Venice and Cinque Terre 🙂 xx

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