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There are a lot of misconceptions about cruises. Some people think that they’re only for the upper class, that they’re really expensive and only go to exotic locations. This is definitely not the case, you don’t need to be earning six figures to enjoy a cruise. My parents went on a cruise a few years ago and they had the best time. It’s all they’ve talked about since they got home and now they’re desperate to go on another one. You don’t have to spend thousands of pounds to enjoy the cruise ship lifestyle. You don’t need to fly out to the Caribbean to start your holiday, you could try a no fly cruise instead

No fly cruises

As the name would suggest, no fly cruises mean that you don’t need to get on a plane to get to the start of your cruise. A lot of people are scared of flying, which means that even some cruises are out of the question for them. However, with a no fly cruise you can sail from Southampton and don’t need to step on a plane at all. The cruise that my parents went on sailed from Southampton which was really convenient for them. They just needed to drive down and find somewhere to stay the night before.

If you don’t have two weeks to take a holiday, you could do a mini cruise. There are a number of different options sailing out from Southampton. You could spend either two or three nights on a cruise over to France. You get to enjoy all of the luxury of a cruise ship over a weekend. There are reasons as to why so many people choose to go on a cruise each year. These people love the cruise lifestyle and the opportunity to dress in their smartest gear. While you’re onboard, there’s so much entertainment, different restaurants and even a pool.

mini cruise ParisTake a day trip to Paris

If you fancy a day in Paris, a cruise is a great alternative to the Eurostar. It will probably cost you the same amount, but you’ll get your own cabin and won’t be on a train for a few hours. It’s also a lot better than taking the ferry over and having to drive yourself. I’m definitely tempted to do one of these mini cruises next year. I’ve been to Paris six times now, by ferry, Eurostar and by plane – I just need to go on a cruise ship to complete the set. You sail into Le Havre and would then get a transfer over to Paris.

If the French capital isn’t your thing, you could opt to go to Cherbourg instead. There’s plenty of things to do there including museums, beautiful gardens and parks and a lot of history. I’d love to see the Batterie du Roule which is a series of tunnels dug out by the Germans during the second world war. If you’re into military history, this is a must see. Apparently there’s also bats hanging from the ceiling as you walk through!

Have you ever been on a cruise before? Would you consider doing a no fly cruise?


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