Ever since the early 70s, schoolies week has become a rite of passage for every year 12 graduate. Before everyone packs their bags and heads off in different directions, friends come together to celebrate an exciting week together. They say goodbye to their teachers and exams and say hello to lying by a pool or partying all night with close friends.

As November comes close to an end, every year-12 student in Australia begins to dream about a week full of fun and relaxation. You will see students asking around for the perfect location for their schoolies week. For many years now, Gold Coast has been the Mecca of schoolies in Australia. But in recent years students have developed a preference for spending their schoolies week in another country.

Imagine you and your friends lying on the white sandy beaches, sipping drinks near a secluded pool, snorkelling in crystal clear waters or exploring the local bars and eateries. If this sounds inviting to you then make Fiji your schoolies destination.

Mentioned below are 5 more reasons why you and friends should spend your schoolies in Fiji:


  • Only 4 Hours Away


From Australia, Fiji is only a hop, skip and a jump away. Only 4 hours on a flight and you’ll be in a land of white beaches and clear blue waters. This makes Fiji an easy travel location as in just a matter of few hours; you’ll go from busy cities to sipping cool drinks by the beach.


  • It’s Safe


Safety is the number one concern for the students on their way to have an adventurous schoolies week, and their parents alike. Going to a new place alone with friends for the first time can make your parents a little uneasy. But since Fiji has become a hotspot for schoolies, their locals have put more effort into improving their security and making it a student-friendly location. Also, travel agencies taking the groups to Fiji, also ensure that the resorts and location on the tour are secure.


  • The Beaches


Surrounded by lush greenery and palm trees, the islands of Fiji are lined with pristine sandy beaches. The cool, clear waters are a paragon for relaxation and enjoying time under the sun. You can enjoy playing volleyball on the beaches during the day and sing around bonfires near the shores at night. And if you like being underwater, you can go snorkelling near the reefs and swim with manta rays and other beautiful marine creatures.


  • Parties


While Fiji might be known for the beaches and water during the day, it comes to life even at night. Clubs and pubs around the islands are full of excitement as other travellers and locals dance their hearts out. You can go around club hopping and spend the night away partying with your friends.


  • The Local Culture


Besides enjoying the natural beauty that covers the islands, you have the chance of immersing yourself in the local Fijian culture and learn new things. The locals are known for their hospitality and being some of the happiest people on earth.

You can take small tours around the island and get a look at the historic towns, learn about traditional ceremonies and enjoy delicious food of the local cuisine.

Making your trip to Fiji with Sure Thing Schoolies Travel is the perfect way to spend a fun week with your friends and make memories that will last you a lifetime.


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