I’m always saying I want to get fit and making plans to actually do some exercise, but I never get round to doing it. A couple of months ago, I went to Primary and bought some running leggings and planned to do the Couch to 5K but I ended up going for a run once and I thought I was either going to throw up or pass out or both, so I haven’t managed to persuade myself to go out for a run again. There are plenty of other ways in which you can get fit that don’t include running, so I’m going to be having a look into them.


This is perhaps the easiest and cheapest way to exercise. I love a good walk, I just never have the motivation to go out. Where I live I’m surrounded by some beautiful countryside so I don’t know why I don’t go for a walk around there more often. There’s fields full of cows and horses and there’s even some buffalo on one farm that are quite friendly. I’m visiting my friend down in Winchester this weekend and we’ve planned to go for a long walk on Sunday which will be great as the whole area is gorgeous. I’ve found that even though a long walk can really tire me out, I always feel great afterwards.

Exercise Classes

Exercise classes can be a bit daunting but they are a lot of fun. I used to go to one when I was younger called Boxercise which combined dance and boxing and I absolutely loved it. It was a hard work out but because we were enjoying ourselves so much, it didn’t seem like real exercise. There’s always plenty of different classes in your local area to choose from, you could go for something like Discovery Learning’s exercise to music course or perhaps you could have a look into pole fitness if you want to develop your strength. Exercise classes are also a great way to socialise and you can meet new friends if you’re lucky.


Swimming is a great work out for the whole body and it’s the one sport that I really enjoy. I used to swim regularly when I was younger, however I haven’t swam now since I was at uni. Unfortunately it can be a bit of a pain finding a time to go when the pool isn’t full of kids messing around, but if you can find an adult only session then it’s well worth a go. Just a few lengths of the pool will work your arms and legs and get your heart rate up. There’s also a lot of great swimming pools in the UK that are worth checking out.

I think that once I find a form of exercise that I love, I won’t find working out to be too much of a chore. Fitness.com also offer a range of exercise and fitness tips. What types of exercise do you do?


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