As we get older, things get a lot harder in many ways. I’m only 27 but have found that a lot has changed for me in the past ten years since I left school. I used to be able to eat whatever I wanted and I stayed the same weight, could slip into size 6 jeans and still need a belt to hold them up. I could stay up all night chatting to a boy on msn (remember those good old days?) finally going to sleep at 5am only to get up at 8am to go to school and do an 8 hour day and I would be absolutely fine. View Post

Having your own business inevitably means that you end up having to find new storage solutions for all of your bits and pieces, whether you have a shop and warehouse or just a home office like I do. I’ve found that since I started blogging full time and taking everything more seriously, I’ve had to find new places to put all of my photo props, my new-in products that need photographing and of course all of my paperwork and books with my important documents in. It’s been hard to find ways to cram all of this into such a small space, but luckily I have found some ways to make it work. Smart storage van miraculously increase the productivity and the profits for any business; the more organised and tidy your working environment is has a lotto do with how ¬†productive and willing to work yourself and your staff will be. You can also save money by making sure you have no need to ever buy storage again by firstly buying good quality products.

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