I’ve attended a lot of friend’s weddings over the past few years and I’ve noticed that the one thing that people treasure the most after the event is their wedding video. Of course the photos are also just as important, but with a video you feel like you can relive the big day over and over again and you can also share it with loved ones that weren’t able to attend the actual wedding, which is lovely.

Because of this, picking a videographer can be tricky – you obviously want the best for your wedding, but how do you know who’s going to do the best job? Following you and your partner throughout the day, your wedding videographer captures those timeless moments that you can look at fondly once your wedding day is over. There are, however, a few things that you can do to make sure your wedding video looks great for years to come, so that you’re not afraid to show the grandchildren when the time comes!

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Credit for all photos goes to Gary Price.

I was recently invited to John Lewis in Birmingham’s Grand Central to celebrate the first birthday of Dyson’s Supersonic hairdryer. I’m sure you’ve heard about this hairdryer before, it’s been all over blogs and YouTube and they even sell them on QVC. A lot of people are shocked at the price of it (£300!) and I was one of those people – I didn’t understand how one single hairdryer could be worth so much money, until I attended this event and tried one out for myself.

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If you follow me on any form of social media, you’ll have (virtually) met my cat, Bertie. Bertie came into our lives in September last year, shortly after our 19 year old, Patch passed away. Someone had found a three week old kitten in their garden and had taken it into the vets where my brother’s girlfriend works and she hand-reared him until he was six weeks old and then he came to live with us. Bertie is now 10.5 months old and has gone from the tiny little 600g bundle of fluff that he was in October to a whopping 5.9kg beast – you really know about it when he jumps on you from a height! View Post