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I’m off to Y Not Festival this weekend and the weather isn’t looking too great, so I need to make sure I pack the right things to avoid getting wet – there’s nothing worse than being absolutely soaked at a festival and not being able to dry off. I made that mistake when I went to Godiva festival a couple of years ago and I had to stand watching Embrace and then get two trains home dripping wet – it wasn’t pleasant!

There are a lot of outdoor events happening in the UK at this time of year but we can’t always guarantee the weather, so here’s a guide to help you if you’re attending something similar like The Open. View Post

September is getting closer and closer and I need to start sorting out everything that I need to take down to Winchester with me when I move back to university. As I’ve already been to university before, I do have most of the things I will need but it’s still packed away in boxes in the garage from when I moved back home five years ago, so I will need to go through them all and see what’s fine to keep, what needs replacing and what I will need to buy. View Post

As the heart of the home, your kitchen needs to be a space that you can enjoy and make the most of throughout the day. The days where kitchens were only for prepping and cooking are far behind us, with many now used as additional living areas, dining space and even a workspace for many busy individuals. Your kitchen is an area you should feel proud of and be able to use for a number of different things, which is why the décor is very important. In order to create a trendy, stylish space for you and your family, we’ve gathered a selection of tips to inspire you and help you design the perfect room. View Post