It’s true that decorating a room can give it a whole new lease of life but the secret to really personalising a space is in the finishing touches. My office used to be my brother’s bedroom and had bright blue walls and a union jack print guitar shelf along with posters of Hayley Williams from Paramore and more typical teenage boy paraphernalia. Since we painted the walls a nice, neutral magnolia colour, I’ve been collecting various bits and pieces to make it feel more suited to me. View Post

Silver star trainersGold hoop earringsBlack reptile trainersIvy Park capIvy Park leggings – Black reptile trainers

Up until recently, you wouldn’t catch me in anything vaguely sporty but with the new athleisure trend, I’ve found that I’m swaying more towards trainers than my Doc Martens and I’ve also started to get quite a collection. This trend is great, it officially puts comfort first – now you can leave the house in your joggers and trainers and nobody will bat an eyelid because it’s in fashion. Brilliant! Even if you’re not a gym goer, you need to seriously try some yoga pants because they’re amazingly comfortable. It may take a bit of work to look stylish when following the trend, but I’ve got a few tips for you.

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Father’s Day is just over six weeks away and I have to start thinking about it this early as my dad is so hard to buy for. If he wants anything, he will usually buy it himself or he won’t tell us what he wants because he doesn’t want us to spend our money on him, which is nice but so frustrating! Instead of buying him yet another bottle of Glenmorangie which is going to sit in the garage unopened, I’ve been looking into unusual gift ideas that I wouldn’t usually think of and wouldn’t be something that he would ask for. View Post