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What does everyone think of feather hair extensions? I haven’t seen them on anyone in real life, but I’ve seen a lot of them about on the internet. Yep, they’re exactly what you think they are.. feathers that you put in your hair. They’re easy to put in and can be washed, blow-dried, straightened and curled along with your real hair and will last anything from 6 weeks to 4 months depending on how well you take care of them!

 I googled around and decided to take the plunge and bought some off a seller on Etsy. I bought three feathers in red and orange shades so they’ll match my hair. They only cost me £4.84, including shipping and they’re really easy to remove so if I don’t like them, it’s not a big deal! As they’re coming from the USA they’ll probably take a couple of weeks to arrive, as soon as they’re here I’ll do a review on them!

Have you seen them on anybody? What do you think? Would you consider trying them? Let me know!

Hi to my new followers, I’ve had around 7 in the last 24 hours which is a lot for me! I’m starting to plan a giveaway which I’ll do once I’ve got 60 followers, so keep checking back!

I went out for a curry last night with a few of my friends from Sixth Form. I had a great night, it’s not often that I get to catch up with them.. a lot of them are back at uni already though. Is it only the University of Winchester who start so late? Semester 2 doesn’t start until the 7th February. We’ve had 7 weeks off for Christmas, it’s nearly Easter now! Anyway, on to the outfit..

The picture up there is to show how I wore my socks over my tights, it’s still too cold for just tights and I’ve left my woolly ones in Winchester! I struggled to get good photos, I really do need to learn how to use self-timer on my camera!

Thought I’d include this one just for the lolz.. 

Shirt – Dorothy Perkins
Shorts – New Look (kids section)
Tights & Socks – Primark
Bracelets – Miss Selfridge & Dorothy Perkins
Rings – Miss Selfridge

I’m having a boring Sunday so I thought I’d post a NOTD. The photos aren’t very good as I couldn’t get my DSLR to focus properly (I really need to learn how to use it!) so I used my Blackberry which made my fingers look orange. Also, I couldn’t find anything black to use for my photos, so I used my cat, she didn’t mind. For the nails, I used GOSH Holographic and added some glitter that I got from Claire’s at the tips. It’s so sparkly in real life but starting to chip already! I need to invest in a good top coat, any recommendations? I’m currently using a Maybelline one.

I’m just going to spend today lazing around until I have a bath and get ready to go out for an Indian with some friends from school that I haven’t seen for a while. Should be a nice night, I love a good curry!

Oh, I managed to change the layout of my blog.. it took me a while to find a background that I liked but I’m quite pleased with it! I added some links on the left for my tumblr, formspring and twitter, so feel free to follow me/ask me some questions on there!