I went to the SU on Friday night.. I wasn’t really planning on going so I popped into Primark while I was in town and picked up this fab pussybow blouse for £10! I also bought new shorts last week so I wore it tucked into them, with tights, over the knee socks and heeled black brogues (the comfiest heels I own!) I was after some high-waisted demin shorts and didn’t fancy paying £19.99 for some from New Look.. so I heded over to the kids section and got some Age 13 ones for £12.99. Being small has its advantages sometimes (although not when you’re trying to buy breakfast in Wetherspoons and the barman asks your boyfriend “Are you with that red haired little girl because we need to see ID?” charming!)

Also,  a close up of my face because I used my new Accessorize blusher and it is amazing! It’s just the right shade of pink and has a hint of shimmer, but not too much! Definitely worth checking out, especially as it’s only £5.50 (£4.95 with student discount!)

The lipstick is Avon Ultra Colour Rich 24K Lipstick in Ruby In Gold

I got my student loan on Monday so I used that as an excuse to spend some of my wages on a few treats for myself! Here’s what I’ve bought in the past week:

I got this little zip up purse thing from Primark for £1.50 to put all of my medical things in so they’re not floating around in my bag. I thought it was very Cath Kidston!
I popped into Boots and found that their Christmas stuff was all 75% off! I’d been eyeing up this FrontCover eyeshadow set for a while, so I jumped at the chance and bought it for £8.75 (orginally £35!) There’s 20 different eyeshadows, a double ended eyeshadow brush and a ‘Shadowliner’ which is supposed to turn eyeshadow into eyeliner. The colours are pretty good and it comes with ideas and instructions!
I also got this little gold bag with make up brushes inside for £2 (instead of £8) and I went into Superdrug to get one of the Accessorize blushers that I’ve talked about before.
I’ve bought some new clothes as well, but I thought I’d save that for another post another day.
I’ll leave you with my NOTD.. Barry M Berry Ice Cream with Barry M Strawberry Ice Cream and a little rhinestone on the ring finger. I’m not very creative when it comes to nails but I like this look and I’ve had a few compliments on it too!

That’s my antique cameo ring that I had for my parents for my 21st. I wear it all the time!

So, I decided I’m definitely going to make a weekly feature out of this. Every Friday I’ll pick five blogs which I think are worth taking a look at. So, here’s the first five:

Brittany Love
The Prime Directive – this is actually my boyfriend’s blog. He blogs about films and tv. He’s just started out and only has 2 followers so if you would follow him that would be a great confidence boost!

That’s it for this week’s Friday Featured. I’m off to hand in my essays and celebrate in town with a cheeky drink in ‘Spoons! I have loads of post ideas so I will be updating loads over the next week hopefully!