Carrying on the music theme from the last post, I thought I’d compile a list of my favourite songs that came out in 2010. I’m not claiming that these are the best songs, just the best in my opinion.
Manic Street Preacher – It’s Not War (Just The End of Love)
The first single from their new album, ‘Postcards From a Young Man’. Quite a different sound from their last album ‘Journal For Plague Lovers’ which was released in 2009, it’s sounds a lot like their 2004 album, ‘Lifeblood’ which I don’t mind either way!
Marina and The Diamonds – Mowgli’s Road
Technically, this song has been around for ages but the album, ‘The Crown Jewels’ was only released in February 2010. I think Marina’s got a great, unique sound and all the songs off the album are equally as fantastic, it was hard to choose just one to be honest.
Arcade Fire – We Used To Wait
I fell in love with this song as soon as I heard it! It’s taken from their third album ‘The Suburbs’ which is the only one I’ve actually listened to in full but I love it. I must make sure I listen to the other two.
Band of Horses – Compliments
Nobody I know has heard of Band of Horses which saddens me, they’re amazing! Their first two albums were brilliant and I saw them live in 2008. I’m seeing them again in a few weeks.. on my own but I know I’ll have a good time as they’re so good live. This is taken from their third album, ‘Infinite Arms’. The video is lovely as well, make sure you watch it!
The National – Conversation 16
I’d seen a lot of people online talking about The National so I thought I’d download one of their albums and see what all the fuss was about. On my first listen, this particular song caught my ear, especially the lyrics ‘I was afraid, I’d eat your brain’. This is taken off their fifth album ‘High Violet’.
Ellie Goulding – Guns and Horses
I first heard this song when I saw her supporting Little Boots in 2009 and I’ve loved her ever since. This is one of my favourites off the album ‘Lights’ which has since been re-released as ‘Bright Lights’ with some extra tracks.

Lady Gaga ft. Beyonce – Telephone
I can’t leave this list without mentioning Lady Gaga! It’s quite possible that everyone has heard all of her songs whether they love her or hate her. ‘Telephone’ is really catchy (in fact, it was actually my ringtone for a while) and the video is fantastic too at just under ten minutes long, it’s definitely worth a watch!
There were a lot more songs that I wanted to include but I’d be here for hours if I did that! I need to get some sleep because I’m working tomorrow and want to get into town in time for a McDonalds breakfast!
What were your favourite songs of 2010?
I’m hoping that 2011 will be another great year for music.

Wow, 2011 already! Is it just me or did 2010 fly by? I had some really good times over the last year (and of course some really bad ones, but I’m hoping to forget about those!) and listened to some great music. I planned to not go to as many gigs in 2010 as I did in 2009 and although I only went to half as many, I still went to 7 which cost quite a lot of money as most of them were expensive stadium gigs!
The gigs I went to in 2010:
-Ellie Goulding at the O2 Academy, Birmingham (27th March) this was the second time I’d seen Ellie (the first time was supporting Little Boots in 2009) and at first, there were a few sound issues, we couldn’t hear her microphone! Once they were sorted however, it was a brilliant gig and I went with an old friend I hadn’t seen for a while which made it even better.
In our Ellie Goulding tshirts
– Bon Jovi at the O2 Arena, London (13th June) I’d wanted to see Bon Jovi for YEARS! They’re one of my favourite bands and I could never persuade anyone to go with me but I managed to persuade my mom and we had a fantastic time! We bought the cheapest tickets that were available (at £50 each, they weren’t exactly cheap) and were on the top tier at the back but we still had a great view.
Inside the O2 Arena
– Bon Jovi at the O2 Arena, London (25th June) yes, I saw them again 12 days later! I didn’t mean to but the day after I got back from London my brother came into my room and mumbled something about seeing Bon Jovi for a fiver. I was on the phone at the time so I just ignored him but later on I thought I should go and see what he was on about. It turns out that ticketmaster had decided to sell a load of the tickets off for £5 and £10! I quickly snapped up two £5 tickets and then worried about who I was going to take with me. I ended up going with my current housemate and the seat were amazing! They were the ones that were originally £200 and we were so close! Unfortunately they didn’t play my favourite song, These Days, they were alternating the nights they were playing it and did it the night before.
A day out in London before seeing Bon Jovi
– Manic Street Preachers secret gig at Hammersmith Working Men’s club, London (5th August) I was one of 100 lucky people who won a pair of tickets for the Manics’ secret album launch gig. I’d seen them before in Wolverhampton in 2009 and they were amazing. This gig was even better, it was such an intimate venue and James Dean Bradfield kept messing up but it was fine! They played a mixture of new songs and old classics and I managed to get a set list at the end of the night!
I was so close!
The set list
– Muse at LCCC, Manchester (4th September) I’m a massive Muse fan and this was the fifth time I’d seen them. I went with my friend who is also a big fan. We drove to Manchester from Coventry (after I’d got the train from Winchester) on the Friday night and stayed in a Holiday Inn opposite the Man Utd ground so that we could get up early to queue outside the stadium. We queued from 9am (doors opened at 4pm!) and managed to secure a spot on the barrier on the left hand side of the stage (in front of Matt). It certainly wasn’t the best Muse gig I’d been to set list wise but the atmosphere was amazing!
Queuing outside the stadium
On the barrier!

 – Muse at Wembley Stadium, London (11th September) a week later, I went to see them for a sixth time. Yes, I’m slightly mad! Again, we arrived at the stadium at around 9ish (I left my house at 6:45) and queued. While we were in the queue, the heavens opened and we got drenched and we decided that we didn’t want to stand up all the way through the gig, instead we’d try to get seats. All that changed when we got in there and managed to get a spot in the second row in the middle of the stage..once Muse got on I was shoved on to the barrier. This was probably one of favourite Muse gigs. They played Bliss and Ruled By Secrecy which are two of my favourite songs! They atmosphere was again amazing as it was when I saw them at Wembley Stadium in 2007. I was so happy  for those two hours that they were on stage. I want to see them again and again and again! I also managed to get a set list at the end.

The set list
– Manic Street Preachers at Southampton Guildhall, Southampton (19th October) another band I saw twice in the same year.. I had booked the ticket BEFORE I won the other tickets though. I chose to sit in the unreserved seating in the balcony for this gig as I have a bad back and it had been playing up. I had a brilliant view of the band and sitting at the back didn’t make a bit of difference in terms of the atmosphere, I was still singing along and had a fantastic time by myself. I definitely recommend going to a gig by yourself if you can’t persuade anyone to go with you (as long as it’s safe obviously). I’d rather go alone than miss it altogether!
So far for 2011, I only have one gig planned which is Band of Horses in Birmingham. I really want to see Thirteen Senses in London but I’m going to have to wait until loan day before I purchase a ticket!
What gigs did you go to this year? Which was your favourite one?

Tonight’s my last night at home before I go back to my cold, empty house in Winchester. I’d love to stay at home a bit longer, but I have to work Saturday, Sunday and Monday. I’m really going to miss my family, my cat, not worrying about the heating costing a bomb, not seeing my breath indoors and proper food. As soon as I finish work on Monday I’ll be getting on a train to London to meet my boyfriend and then we’re going to go back to his house in Essex for a few days. I’m quite excited, but nervous at the same time.. I’ve never been to his house! On Thursday we’ll be travelling back to London to see Britain’s Got Talent and then staying overnight in his aunt’s flat with a couple of our friends.On Friday I’ll be going back to Winchester to work over the weekend. So overall, I’m going to have a pretty good week I think!

Last night, I had my last night out with my friends for.. a while. We just went to a local pub and had a few drinks but since I’ve been ill all over Christmas, it’s the first time I’d actually made an effort.

Apologies for the rubbish quality of the photo, it’s from my Blackberry as I’ve left my camera in Winchester! I decided it’s time to grow out my full fringe so I’ve changed it over to a side fringe. What do you think? Does it look alright? I’m really impressed with my new foundation as well. I can’t find it on the website but it’s Smooth Minerals (I used both the liquid and the powder) from Avon. I filled my brows in with Benefit’s Browzing which I lost for a while but have recently found. It’s amazing, definitely worth the £22.50 I paid for it. My eyebrows are usually a lot lighter than my hair but I look more normal when I use this.

I’d better get on with my packing, I’m leaving in around 12 hours and I haven’t packed at all!