Sorry for the lack of blogs over the past week, I’ve been so busy and without the internet. I had such a good holiday though and the weather was amazing! I won’t be doing a week in photos every week seeing as my DSLR has died and I’m currently borrowing a camera from a friend.
– On the ferry on the way over to the Isle of Wight, it was so windy!
– When we finally got there, sat in our caravan which was HUGE.
– We visited the zoo where one of these lemurs actually bit me.. on the knee! Luckily it didn’t hurt. I was so shocked though!
– We walked 2.5 miles along the beach because Mark claimed it “Wasn’t that far” it was a good walk though and I hadn’t properly been on a beach for years.
– Mark tried to win me a Bagpuss for ages on the first night, on the Wednesday he tried again and he won after only spending 90p! 
– We went to Ventnor for a bit, the weather was so nice. You wouldn’t think it was England from looking at the photos!
– Our sad faces on the ferry back, we didn’t want to leave. It was Mark’s first time visiting the island, I’d been about 20 times before. We’ll definitely go back again though.
– We went past HMS Astute on the way into Southampton. We didn’t realise that about an hour before, someone had been shot and killed onboard. Scary!
– We travelled back to my house yesterday to see Peter Kay. It was so funny, we had a brilliant time!

It seems that nowadays EVERYONE is dying their hair red. There’s nothing wrong with that, I’ve just had red hair for 5 years and I’m a bit bored of it. I want to go back to my natural ginger. I don’t know how I’m going to get rid of all this red. I thought of trying Colour B4 but it takes you back to your lightest colour and I bleached my hair two years ago (and tried to dye it ginger.. it went red) so it will probably just go yellow, which means I’d need to find a good ginger dye.

Has anyone ever tried Colour B4? What was the outcome? Can anyone recommend a decent ginger dye?

I really wish I’d never started dying my hair but I was bullied from years 7 – 11 just for my hair colour, so when I changed schools for sixth form, I thought the best way to prevent being bullied was to dye it red. Sigh. If I was to do one of those ‘Write a letter to your sixteen year old self’ things, I would tell myself not to dye my hair!

I’ve only recently discovered Missguided but I’m in love! Their clothes are all affordable, even to a poor student like me, and they’re also bang on trend! Here’s my Missguided wishlist:

1, 2, 3, 4
Sheer shirts are very in at the moment and I love the colour of the two I picked here. I’ve never seen a two tone one before and I think they would both look great with high waisted denim shorts and a thick knit cardigan for during the day or teamed with some chinos for a more sophisticated evening look. I absolutely adore the print on this playsuit! Playsuits are so convenient for the hot weather or you can wear them with some black tights and a cardigan for when the weather’s not so good (so most of the time then!) The brogue boots are my favourite things on my wishlist. My tan ankle boots, which I wear all the time, have started to come apart at the sole so I’m looking for a replacement. These are perfect!
Have any of you ever ordered from Missguided before? What did you think to their customer service?