So, I decided I’m definitely going to make a weekly feature out of this. Every Friday I’ll pick five blogs which I think are worth taking a look at. So, here’s the first five:

Brittany Love
The Prime Directive – this is actually my boyfriend’s blog. He blogs about films and tv. He’s just started out and only has 2 followers so if you would follow him that would be a great confidence boost!

That’s it for this week’s Friday Featured. I’m off to hand in my essays and celebrate in town with a cheeky drink in ‘Spoons! I have loads of post ideas so I will be updating loads over the next week hopefully!

It’s been over a week, oops! I’ve been so busy with uni work. I have two assignments to be in tomorrow (which still aren’t completely finished) and one to be in next Friday which I haven’t even started writing up (I’ve just been making maps which takes FOREVER) so once the other  two are handed in tomorrow I can make a start on the last one.

I got my loan on Monday so as well as paying rent/bills I’ve also bought a couple of bits and pieces which I’ll will talk about/show you in a later post once all of this work is out of the way! There’s so many things I want in New Look and Cath Kidston have just bought out their Spring Collection.
Here’s a few of the things I want:

English Rose Tiny Umbrella. £20 Cath Kidston

Lace Rose Enamel Keyring, £6 Cath Kidston
Sheer Pocket Chiffon Shirt, £21.99 New Look
Bird Print Oversized Shirt, £24.99 New Look

Spotty Peter Pan Tee, £14.99 New Look

I’m constantly finding new blogs I love and want to share with everyone. I think I should make this a weekly feature perhaps.
Here are the four blogs I’m loving this week:

Jennie Masters – a lovely girl with great fashion sense and a bit of an obsession with owls, like me!

Dreams That Glitter xoxo – I always love it when this lady makes a new post, she always has lovely things to show off and has the best collection of Russian doll accessories!

Kevin & Amanda – it’s no secret, I love my food! I have been known to make a cheesecake at 1am before just because I’ve been craving it. These guys have some fabulous recipes on their blog that I just can’t wait to try! Here are my favourites: One Two Three

The Crazy Bitch Beauty Gazette – another new blog like mine but so far she’s done some great make-up reviews and has shared some handy tips for storing and keeping Lush products fresh!