Shirt: H&M about 3 years ago
Shorts: New Look
Cardigan: H&M
Floral Headband: c/o

The title is sarcasm, because I totally didn’t today. When I left the house I didn’t realise how sunny it was so I put this long sleeved shirt on which I found in my wardrobe – I’d completely forgotten about it! I have another one somewhere with blue and white stripes. I must find that and take it back to Winchester with me. I thought I’d wear the floral hair garland that I got from at the Brum Blogger Meet, I love it! It’s really comfortable and I forgot I was even wearing it.

Today, I went out for lunch with my dad and then we went for a walk alongside the canal in Tamworth. Afterwards we did a bit of shopping. Seeing as I got such a lot of comments last time I posted some photos, I thought I’d share some more with you that I took today. I’m an idiot and forgot to put a memory card in my camera so these were taken on my iPod touch.

Sorry the photos aren’t very good quality, but as I said, I’m an idiot. I found my film SLR last night (well, my dad bought it 20 years ago) so I’m going to take that back to Winchester with me and start taking more film photographs, seeing as my DSLR is broken!

Black vest top: Primark
Sheer vest top: c/o Max C London
Denim shorts: New Look
Cardigan: H&M

Today I got up really late after being awake half the night with cramps. I love being a girl! As I felt so rough, I decided to have a nice relaxing day and treat myself. I had a nice hot bubble bath and used a Montagne Jeunesse facemask then went to Asda with my parents where I got a nice curry and a bottle of rum. Nothing too exciting but it’s good to have a lazy day every once in a while. I love this top that I got at the Brum Blogger Meet. It’s nice and flowy, which covers up how bloated I am at the moment and it’s nice and summery, even if the weather isn’t!
It’s hard to see on the outfit photos but I dip-dyed my hair last week. I brightened this photo a bit so you can see it more clearly. I used Directions Pillarbox Red after I bleached the ends of my hair but the rest of it is so bright anyway that it’s not as obvious as I’d hoped it would be.
I hope everyone’s having a good Friday night. I’m going to crack open the bottle of rum and watch a few episodes of Desperate Housewives and catch up with some blogs. Hoping to get to sleep at a decent time tonight!

Walking towards Lichfield Cathedral – Minster Pool – Lichfield Cathedral – Cathedral Close – Enjoying the sunshine in my back garden – My rabbit Tilly – My cat Patch rolling in the dirt – Patch covered in dirt
I got a bit snap happy today. I usually forget I have a camera in my bag, so I hardly ever use it. Today, I went to Lichfield Cathedral to light a candle for my nan and to see if I could get any information on the Staffordshire Hoard. I seem to have picked the wrong topic for my dissertation because NOBODY seems to be able to help me. I’ve never really appreciated just how pretty Lichfield is until I moved away. I spent the afternoon with my cat and rabbit and then accidentally fell asleep for two hours whilst on webcam to my boyfriend. Oops!
Hello to all my new followers! I seem to have gained quite a few over the past few days. Old followers may have noticed my new layout. I FINALLY have something I like! I’m really pleased with it!