Cath Kidston has teamed up with Uniqlo to design a collection to raise money for Japanese Organization for International Cooperation in Family Planning (JOICFP). The collection consists of a number of tshirts in different styles featuring Cath Kidston’s classic prints. They’re very reasonably priced at £12.99 each and the proceeds will go towards a safe motherhood program in Zambia.

I’m a big fan of Cath Kidston so these tshirts are right up my street and are definitely going on my wishlist! Here are a few of my favourites from the collection:

You can browse and purchase the collection here.

At around 7:30pm tonight I managed to get myself a Sunday ticket for Reading Festival! I’m seeing Muse for a 7th time. I think I may be a bit obsessed. Apparently they’ll be playing a lot of oldies as it’s 10 years since Origin of Symmetry was released. I’m so excited! I’m also looking forward to Elbow and Interpol. I don’t really care about any of the other bands on the main stage that day. I wish The National were playing on Sunday because I would love to see them! Is anyone else going to Reading or Leeds?
I’m currently snuggled up in bed watching The Little Mermaid. I have to be down at uni at 9am to meet my boyfriend. He’s gone to Center Parcs with a friend this week but he has to come back to uni for an exam tomorrow so my boyfriend’s coming back too to see me for an hour or so. I’m going to get on with some work after I’ve seen him and then I have a job interview later on. Fingers crossed I get a new job soon. I can’t wait to leave Primark and get some more hours!
Hello to all my new followers! I seem to have gained loads recently, on here and on twitter! Thanks for following me. I’ll do another post soon with some of my favourite blogs of the moment. I have to hand in my dissertation proposal on Friday and then it’s the Easter holidays so I’ll have a bit more time on my hands!
Bye for now!

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My giveaway ended yesterday, so today I counted up all of the entries and put them in a spreadsheet then used to generate a winner.

And the winner is… Rose from rosedl
Congratulations! I’ll get your prizes packaged up and sent as soon as I can.
I’ve just got in from work and I am freezing and absolutely knackered after last night. I had such a good time but the house was so cold when I got back that I just lay in bed shivering until about 5am. I’m going to cook my tea, have a nice bath and then get into bed and watch some trashy programmes or a Disney film!
I hope everyone’s having a good weekend!