These nails were so hard to photograph as they’re so shiny and sparkly! I got the idea from Nails by Asami. I didn’t have any of the exact nail polishes that she used so I improvised with what I’ve got. If any of you follow me on twitter you’ll know that I wasn’t very pleased with how they turned out.. until I added the glitter!
Now, on to the photos! I’ve included blurry/out of focus ones because they show just how shiny/space like the nails actually are.

Here’s what I used:
Sally Hansen Green Tea + Bamboo Nail Strengthener (base and top coat)
Collection 2000 Hot Looks in 25 Intense
GOSH Holographic
Revlon Galaxy
I feel like I haven’t blogged for ages! I don’t really have a weekend as I work Saturday and Sunday. I have Tuesdays and Wednesdays off uni so that’s my own weekend. I’m so excited for my lie in in the morning. I have no plans until 6:30 when I’m going to my friend’s confirmation and then maybe out for meal afterwards. What do you wear to a confirmation? I’m not religious at all so I don’t usually go to these things!

Graze is a company which offers delicious, natural, healthy food – BY POST! Each package has four different types of food and is designed to fit through your letterbox so you don’t need to sign for them. You can choose which day you want your Graze box to be delivered and they will deliver one on this day every week (unless you cancel or push back the delivery which you can do). They offer a massive range of food, from dried fruits, nuts, seeds to flapjacks and foccacia breads. All you need to do is tell them, using the website what foods you like (and you can state whether you have a nut allergy or not) and they will put together a box especially for you! I got my first box a couple of weeks ago and now I’m hooked! My favourites are the orange and ginger flapjack, natural vanilla seeds and sweet as a nut.

Here’s the box I got this week!

The boxes cost £3.49 each but if you sign up using my code (CLTLKCF) you get the first box absolutely free and the second box half price (£1.74). You have to put your card details in when you sign up but you can cancel at any time so it’s worth signing up, just for a free one!

So, if you want to sign up, here’s my code again: CLTLKCF

Let me know if you order one and if you like what you get! Happy Grazing!

My housemate left us some champagne. It wasn’t nice though.

Dress: New Look
Cardigan: New Look
Tights: Primark
Over the knee socks: Primark
I had my eyebrows threaded today and I look like a different person!
I currently have no internet, which is a bit of a shitter because I have a load of people downstairs watching the football.. which we were supposed to be watching on my desktop pc. Instead we’ve balanced a crappy old tv onto an arm chair and spent ages trying to get the aerial in the right place. Obviously, I have no interest whatsoever in football so I’m sat on my bed, stealing a neighbour’s internet (I guessed the password!) and blogging.
I managed to change the dress in my last entry for one exactly the same but navy. I haven’t tried it on but I’m sure it looks fine. I’m a bit gutted though because I loved the coral! I also got the Barry M crackle polish and I can’t wait to try it! I’ve been painting my nails during the football and I’m waiting for them to dry before I apply the crackle polish. I’m sharing a bottle of amaretto with my friend and trying to keep up with him which is probably not a good idea seeing as he’s easily more than twice my weight and a rugby player so he can drink a lot more than me! Thank god for spell check!!
We’ve ordered a Chinese and are waiting for that to be delivered. Yum yum, my favourite!