My favourite Primark girls 

I have been buying…food, ferry/train/coach tickets, a few basic bits from Primark
I have been eating at… I went to Nandos with my friends from work. It was the first time I’d been and I wasn’t too impressed with the food. Mcdonalds breakfasts every Sunday!
I have visited…I only got as far as Eastleigh.. I’ve just been stuck in Winchester
Best Bargain I got a basic black playsuit from Primark for a fiver, it needs adjusting but I love it. I also got some black pumps reduced to £1 and a tan skinny belt for £1. I also spent £95 on a Reading ticket.. worth every penny!
I have achieved… I had two job interviews and managed to get both of the jobs!
I’ve been listening to… The HP7 audiobook, Muse, Chew Lips, Little Boots
I’ve been reading… The audiobook counts, right?
Next month I’m looking forward to… My holiday to the Isle of Wight, going home afterwards, going to see Peter Kay, going to see Russell Howard’s Good News, starting my new jobs.
Next month I hope to splash some cash on… Good food and days out on holiday.

Nandos on Sunday night was good.. I wasn’t too keen on the food, it was a bit too fast food for my liking. The chocolate cheesecake that I had for dessert (see above) was gorgeous though! I’d definitely go again just for that. The company was fantastic. I’m going to be so sad to leave Primark because of a certain few people. Hopefully I’ll still see them around though. Before we went to Nandos, I went to Spoons with my friends Hera, Lily and Tim where I discovered a new vodka, Eristoff Gold it is the most delicious thing I have ever tasted! Our latest flavour innovation fuses the classic taste of ERISTOFF Original with the smooth, buttery taste of caramel – not forgetting a little vanilla – to produce a vodka that tastes as distinctive as it looks.” I now have a new drink of choice in Spoons!

Yesterday I went into town to see the man at the hotel and he said it’s fine if I work evenings so now I have two jobs! I will be starting after I get back from home in a couple of weeks. Afterwards, my boyfriend treated me to lunch at Slug and Lettuce because it’s 50% off on a Monday and I’d been craving bacon and cheese wedges for ages! The service was really slow so we got our starters for free which was a bonus. We then went for a lovely walk by the river and fed a load of ducks.

It’s less than a week until I go away to the Isle of Wight. I’m so excited! I won’t be taking my laptop with me so I won’t be blogging. If there’s free wifi anywhere I will be checking blogs. I’ll still be on twitter though! I’ll schedule a few posts for the days I’m away.

I now have 93 followers, so close to 100. I’m so overwhelmed! It seems like only yesterday I started this blog and now I have loads of people interested. I’m tempted to do another giveaway soon to say thank you to all you lovely followers.

Here’s some blogs I’ve discovered recently that I think you should all check out too: Sophie Isobel, ghostparties., Ella Masters and her shop RubyRaeLove which has some gorgeous pieces of jewellery in stock, I can’t wait until I get a bit of money so I can buy some! Definitely check these girls out!

A photo of the cathedral which I took on a sunny day recently

– The weather has been so nice recently! Shame I haven’t really had a chance to enjoy it, I’ve either been stuck inside doing uni work or at work. Speaking of which, I handed in my notice today at Primark.. I’ve been offered a job at Millets and a job waitressing at a hotel. I’m going to see the bloke at the hotel on Monday to see if we can work the waitressing job around the Millets job. I need to start paying off my credit card/overdraft!

– Tomorrow, I’m working all day then going to Nandos with people from work. Since I handed in my notice people have started calling it my leaving do. I’ve never been to Nandos before so I’m quite excited. My last shift is next Sunday and I can’t wait. I will miss the people I work with but I’m sure I will see them again.

– Only 9 days until I go on holiday and 14 days until I go home and see Peter Kay. I can’t wait to get away from this place. Everything has been stressing me out so much recently. I can’t wait to see my cat and eat food that I haven’t paid for and sit on the sofa with my rabbits on my lap (even if they do hump each other all the time). I’m also looking forward to my new jobs and having a bit more money so I can treat myself to a few days out. I haven’t been to Southampton for ages and I really want to visit Bournemouth and maybe Brighton.

– I’m just waiting for my cookies to finish baking and then I’m going to settle down into bed. I forgot the clocks go forward tonight so I get an hour less sleep, not good when I have to work all day! I might post the recipe for my cookies, I’ve made them 3 times this week and they don’t last very long. Everyone seems to love them!