This September, I have mostly been feeling.. run down. I can’t believe it’s October already, this is my favourite month of the year. I love it when Autumn sets in, I love my birthday and I love Halloween!

I have been buying…I got  some lovely black loafers from Next.

I have been eating at… I went to Buddys Diner (again!) for a friend’s birthday and I went out for lunch with my dad when I was at home.
I have visited… I went to Southampton once and I popped home for a week.
Best Bargain I got a water bottle from work for about £4.. sounds boring but saves me buying bottled water now!
I have achieved… I’ve saved a lot of money again this month!
I’ve been listening to… Manic Street Preachers.
I’ve been reading… Nothing.
Next month I’m looking forward to… MY BIRTHDAY! Even though I’ll be 22 and that is so old.
Next month I hope to splash some cash on… I’ve already bought a nice dress to wear on my birthday and I’m getting a camera tomorrow (but I’m getting the money back as it’s a birthday present)

I had so much fun at the Birmingham Blogger Meet and I know there have been other successful meets around the country so I think it’s time we had a South East meet! I know there’s a few of us in Hampshire and Sussex at least.
Just comment here and leave your email address/twitter to register your interest and we can decide when and where the meet should be. Also, if anyone would like to help me organise it, let me know!

Top: Primark via eBay years ago
Jeans: Primark
Lipstick : MUA Shade 7

I was getting a bit sick of my middle parting, I was looking in the mirror and not seeing me.. I didn’t think it suited me at all. So, Sunday night, I took out my hairdressing scissors and cut myself a fringe. Now I feel I look like Hayley again. I’ve also redyed my hair so it’s a nice change. What do you think? Upgrade or downgrade?

I’ve just woken up from my second nap of the day.. I’m still ill. It’s just a cold but I’m feeling really run down. It probably doesn’t help that I worked for 9 days in a row and today is my first day off (but I had a 9am lecture!) – I also keep going out at night. I need rest and lots of non-alcoholic fluids tonight! Tomorrow, I’m hopefully going to Southampton to do a bit of shopping.. it just depends how I feel when I wake up!

Title is from Manic Street Preachers – Autumnsong which has been in my head constantly for the past few days, which is a bit weird when we’re having a bit of an Indian Summer!