Playsuit: Primark
Jumper: Primark
Socks: Primark

An entirely Primark outfit today! I wore this to go to Slug & Lettuce for a late lunch/early tea and then to my 6 – 8 lecture. I don’t think we should have lectures so late in the day, everyone’s always so tired and I find it hard to concentrate in them. Luckily, I was off work today so I wasn’t doing anything too exhausting during the day but I do sometimes work 9 – 5:30 then have to rush to my lecture!

I’m so annoyed that the Blackberry network is down, only 13 days until my upgrade is due. Hopefully I’ll be getting an iPhone 4s.. it just depends on how much I will have to pay for the phone. I’m on quite an expensive contract anyway, so chances are it won’t cost me too much. I can’t wait to buy pretty cases for it, I’ve already got my eye on a few on eBay!

I hope everyone’s had a good start to the week. I’m going to settle down in bed with a hot drink and catch up on some Eastenders!

I had such a brilliant birthday! It’s made me realise how good my group of friends here at uni are. I finally managed to choose a dress and it was one that I featured on my blog, but I picked a different colour. I love the cat print, it’s so me! All the photos I have are super unflattering, but they’ll have to do. I was completely spoiled and even got a couple of cocktails before we went for a meal. I got some lovely presents, my boyfriend bought me a cat encyclopaedia, a Cath Kidston apron and a Body Shop gift set. I also got a heaty owl thing that you put in the microwave which also smells of vanilla, Legend of The Guardians on dvd, an owl watch from Urban Outfitters (the strap should be brown but it broke so my friend got it replaced before she gave it to me), an owl pencil case which I’m using for my make up, a H&M gift card and a loads of chocolate!

I mentioned in my last post that I was going to get a birthday piercing or two.. well, seeing as it was BOGOF, I went for two. I got my tragus and my conch pierced in my right ear. I’d wanted my tragus done for ages but I had been told it was too small, I asked about it again and I was told it could be done but would be a bit further forward which was fine by me! I can’t wait for them to heal so I can change the bars to something smaller and blingy. I now have a total of 12 piercings.. that’s enough for now.

Today is my 22nd birthday! It doesn’t feel right being this old.
I’m just painting my nails with Juicy Jules before my 9am lecture and then afterwards I’m going to the uni bar when it opens at 11am, them going into town for a birthday piercing or maybe two. Later on, I’ve booked a table at an Indian restaurant and hopefully I’ll get a cocktail or two. I’ve had some great presents, including a camera and it’s not even 8am yet!
It’s shaping up to be a good day!