These nails were obviously inspired by Cath Kidston! That’s my purse in the photos. I’m really pleased with how they came out! I thought they were going to look rubbish but I’ve had a lot of compliments on them!
 Nail polish used: Barry M Mint Green, Barry M Bright Pink, Barry M Fuchsia, Rimmel Forest, Natural Collection Nail Whitener

Oops, I’ve been a bit neglectful again recently! I said I’d be blogging more once I’d handed in my work but I’ve been so busy with extra shifts this week! I also only gave myself a day’s break after handing in the last piece of work for Year 2 and starting my dissertation. As I said, I’ve been picking up loads of extra shifts at work. I love my job! I’m contracted to do 4 hours a week  but never do that.. it’s usually at least 8. On Tuesday I walked in on the managers of the two shops making the rotas so I got first dibs on shifts. I’m doing 26 hours this week,only 8 next week because I’m moving and my parents are coming down, 16 the week after, 38 the week after and then I’ll have two weeks off to go home! Unfortunately the money is all going towards rent though.

On Wednesday I went to Pinewood Studios to be in the audience for Lee Mack’s All Star Cast. It was brilliant! The guests were: Shane Richie, Henry Winkler (The Fonz), Ulrika Jonsson, The Feeling and Sophie Ellis Bextor. It will be on BBC1 tomorrow at 9:50 so make sure you watch it, I’ll probably be on tv! The Feeling and Sophie Ellis Bextor performed their new single, Leave Me Out Of It and it was SO GOOD. I don’t like The Feeling usually but.. wow.. they were really good!

Dress: Primark
Clutch: idk, birthday present
I finally handed in my last piece of work on Friday – second year is over! I celebrated by going out Thursday night (I hadn’t handed the work in then but it was done!) and I also went for a meal with my Primark friends on Friday night. I now have no more uni until late September apart from a 4 week excavation which will be fun!
As you can see in the photos, I’m currently using an old old old Blackberry until I can save up enough cash to replace the screen on mine. I currently have a whole load of jewellery for sale on eBay, including turquoise rings and tooth necklaces and a lovely owl necklace. Please have a look! I’m also trying to raise a bit of money for the Midlands Blogger Meet Up which I am really excited about!
This week, I am working a lot but on Wednesday I’m off to Pinewood Studios to be in the audience of Lee Mack’s All Star Cast! I’m very excited! Last week I was in the audience for QI and Jimmy Carr was one of the guests, that made me so happy, I love him! Tomorrow I’m going to go to Starbucks for a bit and do some work on my dissertation, I’m hoping to get it finished by Christmas.
Oh.. I’ve also decided I’m going to go along to the Harry Potter London Premiere. Anyone else planning on going?

Sleeveless floral shirt: Primark
Shorts: New Look Kids
Cardigan: Primark
Yet another outfit post featuring those shorts. I always seem to wear them, I like having pockets to put my phone in but don’t like wearing jeans. I picked up the shirt in Primark last week, it was only £6 and I love it! The cardigan was £6 too but the guy who served me only scanned the shirt, bargain!
Today, I was just going to have a lazy day but I got a text from my old housemate asking if me and my boyfriend wanted to go to lunch with him and his girlfriend. We went to Pizza Hut and had a lovely time, I miss seeing those two! We then went down by the river to feed the ducks, I hand fed one and there were some lovely fluffy ducklings! There were also a few rats as well, which was a bit gross. We decided to spend our bus money on chicken nuggets from Sainsburys and I also gave in and bought Glamour magazine. I’ve picked up one with each freebie in a couple of times and always put it back but I thought I’d try out Posie Tint. I’m not going to say much about it because I know a lot of other bloggers have already covered it, but I don’t think I’m impressed so far.
Look how long my hair is getting! I’m so pleased, I’ve been growing it from a pixie cut for four years!! I also dyed it last night as it looked a mess. I want to do something different with it but I don’t want to lose any of the length. I might dip dye the ends bright red or something. Any suggestions?