I’m constantly finding new blogs I love and want to share with everyone. I think I should make this a weekly feature perhaps.
Here are the four blogs I’m loving this week:

Jennie Masters – a lovely girl with great fashion sense and a bit of an obsession with owls, like me!

Dreams That Glitter xoxo – I always love it when this lady makes a new post, she always has lovely things to show off and has the best collection of Russian doll accessories!

Kevin & Amanda – it’s no secret, I love my food! I have been known to make a cheesecake at 1am before just because I’ve been craving it. These guys have some fabulous recipes on their blog that I just can’t wait to try! Here are my favourites: One Two Three

The Crazy Bitch Beauty Gazette – another new blog like mine but so far she’s done some great make-up reviews and has shared some handy tips for storing and keeping Lush products fresh!

I joined dailybooth, my username there is thesedays if you want to follow me.
<———– The picture over there will change whenever I take a new one!
I’ve been confined to my room for the last couple of days as I have three assignments that need to be in next Friday! So far I’ve finished one and am around 645 words into the second one (which needs to be 1500 words). I’m supposed to be designing a museum display but I have no idea what to do it on. The next assignment is 2500 words and I actually have to go into uni to do that as I need some expensive software. I’m meeting a couple of friends and going in on Thursday to do that so hopefully the museum assignment will be nearly finished late Wednesday night.
I’m so looking forward to Monday which is loan day! I can finally pay off a few debts (part of my resolutions) and then we’re signing for and paying the first deposit for our new house! So exciting! I’ll be living with my boyfriend and two of our friends. Next year is going to be the best year of uni I think!

I’ve seen the new Accessorize make up collection in Superdrug stores and I’m dying to try out a few things. They all look so good and are reasonably priced too (nothing over £10, most of the products are £5 or under!)
Here are a few of the things that are at the top of my wishlist:

Exotic Brights Baby Blue nail polish, £4
With Love Merged Diva Blusher, £5
Illusion Pink Spice nail polish, £4
Illusion Merged Gun Metal eyeshadow, £4.50

I’ll definitely be checking these out after next pay day and will be taking advantage of the 10% student discount that Superdrug offer.

Has anyone tried any of the Acessorize make up yet?