Here are my picks for this week!





I really want to sort out the layout of my blog. I just quickly threw something together when I started it, I didn’t really put much thought into it at all! I just don’t know where to start though. I want something plain and simple, with a nice header. Anyone got any ideas?

As I mentioned in the last post, I went to Walsall yesterday to meet my friend. We did a spot of shopping while I was there. I didn’t get much as I’m trying to save my money but I couldn’t help but splurge in the Miss Selfridge and Topshop jewellery sales!
Here’s what I got:

My haul!

OWL RING! £2.25 with Student Discount from Topshop.

Heart earrings, £1.35 with Student Discount from Topshop. These are really nice and show all the colours of the rainbow when they hit the light. I don’t usually wear dangly earrings but I made an exception for these!

Plaited bracelet, £2 from Miss Selfridge

Ring with a big light pink stone in the middle. £2 from Miss Selfridge.

I also got a bow ring from Miss Selfridge for £1.75 which I didn’t take a close up of (but it’s in the photo at the top) I don’t usually wear rings because I have tiny fingers so they never fit but I never realised that Miss Selfridge do them in an XS! They’re perfect! I don’t wear braclets either due to having small wrists but this one is small enough for me.

I bought this for £2.09 from Bodycare to add a bit of colour to my face. I don’t like to put normal fake tan onto my face. I put it on for the second time tonight, I suppose I’ll have to see how it goes!

I’m going to a gig in Birmingham tomorrow night so I thought I’d go in a bit earlier and have a look at the sales there. I haven’t been in H&M for ages and there’s 4 in Birmingham! I’m looking forward to it, I love a good shop on my own. I like to spend ages just looking in one shop. The Primark there is a lot bigger than the one I work in, so I’m excited to have a look round and see what they’ve got that we haven’t. I don’t usually find much in there though as it’s always a right mess!

Yesterday I spent 5 1/2 hours travelling home from Winchester to Lichfield and was greeted by this little face:

I wasn’t too pleased when I woke up this morning to find her sat next to my head patting my chin.
Tomorrow I have to go to the dentist and then I’m going to look round Lichfield for some yarn and a crochet hook so I can start a new hobby. Then I’m getting on the bus to Walsall to see my friend Hannah and she’s taking me to Frankie & Benny’s as a late 21st present (I haven’t seen her since March/April!)
Sorry this is such a boring update, I’ll do an outfit post tomorrow or Thursday if I have time, I still have a 2500 word report to write for Friday and I’m stuck on 321 words!