I’m having a boring Sunday so I thought I’d post a NOTD. The photos aren’t very good as I couldn’t get my DSLR to focus properly (I really need to learn how to use it!) so I used my Blackberry which made my fingers look orange. Also, I couldn’t find anything black to use for my photos, so I used my cat, she didn’t mind. For the nails, I used GOSH Holographic and added some glitter that I got from Claire’s at the tips. It’s so sparkly in real life but starting to chip already! I need to invest in a good top coat, any recommendations? I’m currently using a Maybelline one.

I’m just going to spend today lazing around until I have a bath and get ready to go out for an Indian with some friends from school that I haven’t seen for a while. Should be a nice night, I love a good curry!

Oh, I managed to change the layout of my blog.. it took me a while to find a background that I liked but I’m quite pleased with it! I added some links on the left for my tumblr, formspring and twitter, so feel free to follow me/ask me some questions on there!

As promised, here are my purchases from yesterday! I was on the lookout for more sale jewellery but it seems that there isn’t any in Birmingham, in fact Miss Selfridge had no sale items and Topshop only had horrible damaged shoes and overpriced socks so I gave up looking. It was a bit chilly outside so I popped into Claire’s as I noticed they had some gloves as I went past. They were in the sale and all sale items that were under a fiver were 5 for £5. I also spotted some sunglasses I liked, so instead of paying £6.50 for those two items I picked up another 3 and only spent £5! I got the gloves (just two pairs of boring grey and pink stretchy gloves), 2 pairs of sunglasses, 1 pair of ‘hipster glasses’ which I have no idea when I’ll ever wear them and I got a little pot of pink glitter which I’ll use for my nails.

I love the red ones! I can see myself wearing them a lot once it starts to get a bit brighter. I find it hard to get sunglasses that fit me as I have quite a small head. I usually end up with ones from the kids’ section in Claire’s or Primark. I don’t think these were kids’ ones but they fit fine luckily!

I also got 3 lacey bras in the H&M sale for £1 each. I’d been looking for some like this for ages!

 I’ve had such a good night! I saw Band of Horses in Birmingham and they were brilliant, as always. I say that like I’ve seen them hundreds of times but I’ve actually only seen them twice. I loved one of their support bands, Goldheart Assembly. I wanted to buy their cd but I can listen to it on Spotify for free. I will buy it when I have more money though, they’re great! Here’s a video of them from last year:

I did a bit of sales shopping as well before the gig, so expect a post with my bargains in tomorrow! I’m now going to paint my nails as they’re in a bit of a state and catch up on Eastenders before I go to sleep!