I have been buying… I bought my nice chunky knit jumper from Primark and a couple of bargain dresses off eBay.

I have been eating at… I went to Buddys Diner with my boyfriend.
I have visited… I went to Southampton a couple of times and I popped over to the Isle of Wight for the day.
Best Bargain My lovely new jumper.. and I sold my Reading ticket and got back what I paid so that’s a sort of reverse bargain.
I have achieved… I’ve saved a lot of money and I’ve managed to double my hits this month and get over 200 followers!
I’ve been listening to… Manic Street Preachers.
I’ve been reading… Nothing interesting.
Next month I’m looking forward to… seeing my boyfriend again, going home for a few days and starting uni again.
Next month I hope to splash some cash on… Nothing, I’m saving!

Someone I work with asked me today, “Is everything you’ve got from Cath Kidston?” Well.. no actually, I don’t have these bird pin badges yet but I certainly want them! I don’t even know what I’d put them on but they’re so cute. I love anything with birds/owls on, I especially love the new bird prints from Cath Kidston.. I want everything!!

I don’t own anything mustard.. I don’t even know if it suits me but I absolutely love this cardigan. It’s definitely getting colder which means it’s time to get those chunky knits out! I’d pair these with my black skinny jeans, a tshirt and some black boots.

Speaking of black boots, I need some. I threw mine away earlier this year as they were holey and the soles are falling off my tan ankle boots so it’s time for a new pair. I really like these lace up ankle boots, they’re the kind of boots that you can wear with anything!

I’ve got enough scarves already. Honestly, I’ve got a drawer full at home so I don’t need any more but I just can’t resist this owl print scarf. I told you I love anything with owls on! The colours are great for autumn and it would go with the mustard cardi.

And my obsession with Miss Selfridge rings continues.. Seeing as they’re one of the only places that do rings in a size XS that fit my twig fingers, I love them! This wing wrap ring (try saying that one three times fast!) is quite unusual but is still quite girly. I also love this very pink pearlised heart ring.

Jumper: Primark
Dress (worn as top): New Look
Shorts: New Look Kids
Locket: 18th Birthday Present
I was so pleased when I went into Primark on Friday and found this jumper for just £10! It’s a lot like the Topshop one that I featured in my last post. It also comes in red and cream but I thought I’d get a lot more wear out of this light brown colour. I’m usually a size 8 but I wanted it to be a bit baggy and, knowing me, I thought I’d probably shrink it in the wash so I got a size 10. When I got home it wasn’t as baggy as I’d hoped it would be so I exchanged it for a size 12!
Today, I decided to wear my leopard print collar dress underneath and just let the collar pop out. I can see myself wearing this sort of outfit a lot over the Autumn/Winter. It’s so warm and cosy.. in fact, I was a bit too warm when I was in town! I should probably put this jumper away for a couple of weeks until it really starts to get chilly. I haven’t really done much today. I just popped into town to get a couple of bits and I’ve made some cappuccino cupcakes. They’re just cooling down and then I’m going to attempt to ice them using my new Poundland icing bag. Hopefully I’ll be posting the recipe later on this week – if they turn out alright!
Some of you may already know from my posts on Twitter but I bought my blog a domain! I am now the proud owner of www.strangenessandcharm.co.uk ! I wanted a .com but it was already taken,but on the bright side, .co.uks cost less!
I hope everyone’s enjoying the bank holiday. What have you all been up to?