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It’s my birthday in ten days time! I have a countdown on my desktop, I’m so excited! Here’s a few things I’ve spotted while I’ve been window shopping on the internet over the past few days. It’s really starting to feel like autumn now; it’s getting colder every day, the leaves are changing colour and we’re slowly getting our winter stock in at work. I’m loving chunky knits, dark red and cords at the moment and I love the look of these boots. I’m going to take a trip to Southampton this week and I might buy a couple of these items if I see them. I’m getting a camera off my parents, which will be brilliant. I haven’t had my own camera since March when my DSLR broke! I’m excited but I also don’t want to be 22. That’s so old!

Uni starts again tomorrow, I can’t wait. I’m so exhausted after working so much during the summer. I’ve worked 7 days in a row so far and still have two more to go. Tomorrow, I’m working 9 – 5:30, then have a lecture at 6 until 8. I’m going to be so tired but I need the money. I’m only in uni for 6 hours a week this semester. It hardly seems worth the £3k a year!

I hope everyone who’s just moved to uni is settling in alright. I can’t believe this is my last year!

Not the most flattering of outfits, but walking boots and walking trousers aren’t supposed to be pretty!

Firstly, sorry for ditching my blog for a week again! I currently haven’t got my own camera since my DSLR broke and my friend has had hers back to take on holiday so I’ve borrowed my dad’s old one, which wouldn’t connect to my laptop or desktop pc. I ordered a memory card reader (it’s one of those massive compact flash cards!) and it arrived today, so I can finally blog again! I was also pretty ill last week, I ended up with a horrible virus. I called in sick on Friday and then attempted to work Saturday but was sent home after 4 hours.
On Sunday, I took part in the Winchester Memory Walk for Alzheimers Society. I signed up months ago for the 12 mile walk, which I was doing for my Nanny Molly who had Vascular Dementia. Unfortunately, she passed away at the end of July so I was doing the walk in memory of her instead. I know she would have been really proud of me. I also walked it for a family friend who is currently suffering from this cruel disease. Due to being ill, I ended up doing the 6 mile walk instead of the 12 but I still managed to raise almost £100. The weather wasn’t brilliant, in fact, it started thundering towards the end! It was a nice walk though, along the River Itchen and we saw a lot of cows! There were some classic cars at the event and one of the owners let me sit in his! It was like Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, I was so excited! I will definitely be taking part in the walk again next year, although I might do it in Cannock Chase rather than Winchester and I will hopefully be well enough to take part in the 12 miles!

Tshirt: Primark
Cardigan: New Look
Nails: Models Own Top Turquoise
Lipstick: Maybelline Coral Tonic

It’s been ages since I blogged again, I’m such a bad blogger! I do have an excuse though, I’m working practically full time this week and next (36 and 38 hours) and I spent my only day off at the doctors and in town. Don’t ask how I can spend 6 hours in town with no money, because I really don’t know. I left the house at 9 and got back at 5:30. This outfit is from that day (Tuesday) and it’s basically what I wear when I’m feeling lazy and want to be comfortable. I’ve had the skirt about 3 years now and I’ve worn it so much there’s holes forming in one of the pockets! I also have it in the ‘melange orchid’ colour too.
Tonight, I’m having a night in with my housemate and one of our friends. We’re attempting to watch Slumdog Millionaire but the dvd keeps skipping and I’ve made some vanilla and chocolate cupcakes. We’re also having a cheeky drink or two. I’m working 9 – 5:30 tomorrow and then my boyfriend is coming back for the weekend! I haven’t seen him for four weeks, it’s been torture! Luckily, he’s back for good next Friday.
I hope everyone’s having a good week! I’m so jealous of everyone involved in London Fashion Week!