Okay, perhaps the title is a bit clickbaity but I have been effectively getting free makeup from Debenhams, so I wanted to tell you how I’ve been ‘earning’ these Debenhams vouchers just through online shopping. It’s easy peasy and it’s something I’ve spoken about on the blog before, however that was when I was just getting cash payments. I’ve since realised that you can make a little bit extra by getting Debenhams vouchers.. View Post

I’ve got just over six weeks before I start my Masters degree and it still hasn’t sunk in that I have an unconditional offer and I’m actually going to be able to study on my dream course (Human Osteology and Funerary Studies). I can’t wait to get stuck in to lectures and lab sessions and put my brain to work for the first time in a while. I absolutely love learning and I’ve hated being away from education over the past five years. I’m also going to be back in my favourite city of Winchester which is so exciting! The only thing I’m really worried about is money – I am getting a Post Graduate Student Loan however this will just about pay for the course and then rent if I find somewhere affordable, so I’m going to have to find ways to save money. View Post


Unlike men, who produce sperm cells throughout their lives, women are born with a finite amount of egg cells. Out of approximately 2 million egg cells at birth, only about 25% remain by the time a woman reaches puberty. Of these, only around 350 will mature and be released through ovulation. Given that not every egg cell is capable of producing an offspring – it paints a rather grim picture. But if you are struggling to conceive, there is fertility hope for you yet! View Post