Tonight’s my last night at home before I go back to my cold, empty house in Winchester. I’d love to stay at home a bit longer, but I have to work Saturday, Sunday and Monday. I’m really going to miss my family, my cat, not worrying about the heating costing a bomb, not seeing my breath indoors and proper food. As soon as I finish work on Monday I’ll be getting on a train to London to meet my boyfriend and then we’re going to go back to his house in Essex for a few days. I’m quite excited, but nervous at the same time.. I’ve never been to his house! On Thursday we’ll be travelling back to London to see Britain’s Got Talent and then staying overnight in his aunt’s flat with a couple of our friends.On Friday I’ll be going back to Winchester to work over the weekend. So overall, I’m going to have a pretty good week I think!

Last night, I had my last night out with my friends for.. a while. We just went to a local pub and had a few drinks but since I’ve been ill all over Christmas, it’s the first time I’d actually made an effort.

Apologies for the rubbish quality of the photo, it’s from my Blackberry as I’ve left my camera in Winchester! I decided it’s time to grow out my full fringe so I’ve changed it over to a side fringe. What do you think? Does it look alright? I’m really impressed with my new foundation as well. I can’t find it on the website but it’s Smooth Minerals (I used both the liquid and the powder) from Avon. I filled my brows in with Benefit’s Browzing which I lost for a while but have recently found. It’s amazing, definitely worth the £22.50 I paid for it. My eyebrows are usually a lot lighter than my hair but I look more normal when I use this.

I’d better get on with my packing, I’m leaving in around 12 hours and I haven’t packed at all!

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