I’ve blogged about these feather hair extensions before, when I wondered if any of you lot had tried them. I took the plunge an ordered 3 of the feathers from Plumetopia on Etsy. I was expecting them to take a couple of weeks to arrive but they were on my doorstep within a week! It took me a while to actually put them in because I don’t own any pliers and I’m too tight to buy any. I had to wait until my friend remembered to bring his in to uni!
1- This is what I got in the parcel. A loop tool, 3 micro beads in the colour of my choice and 3 feathers, also in the colours of my choice which were Furnace, Red Grizzly and Fiery Orange. They cost me just under a fiver, which isn’t bad at all considering that included the cost of shipping from America.
2 – Here you can see the colours of the feathers better. They’re all connected at the top so it’s just one extension.
3 – This is what they looked like immediately after I’d put them in. They’d been curled up in a plastic bag for a few weeks which is why they’re a bit wavy. Luckily, you can straighten them along with your own hair.
4 – This is where the feathers are attached to my hair. I chose dark brown micro beads as they don’t have a red option. The bead is small and discreet. I made sure I placed it underneath another section of hair so it is completely hidden away.

5 – Here’s what they look like once they’d been straightened. There was no damage to them after they’d been exposed to heat and it didn’t take long to straighten them at all, even with my cheap straighteners!

Overall, I am extremely pleased with my feather hair extensions. I love the colours and the fact that they’re not too different to my actual hair so they look discreet but you can also tell that they’re there. I’ve only had them in for 24 hours but I’ve pulled on them, brushed my hair, slept on them and straightened them and they’ve shown no sign of budging, which is great! When I want to get them out again, all I need to do is push down on the micro bead from the other way and it will pop open again. I definitely recommend these and I’ll be buying some more, perhaps in different colours as I think they’ll look great in the summer!
Here’s a (very myspace) photo I took today of them in my hair, with my face included so you can get a better idea of how they look: click.
Head on over to Plumetopia and have a look for yourself! At the moment, the store is closed as it is being restocked but it should be open again soon!

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