It seems that nowadays EVERYONE is dying their hair red. There’s nothing wrong with that, I’ve just had red hair for 5 years and I’m a bit bored of it. I want to go back to my natural ginger. I don’t know how I’m going to get rid of all this red. I thought of trying Colour B4 but it takes you back to your lightest colour and I bleached my hair two years ago (and tried to dye it ginger.. it went red) so it will probably just go yellow, which means I’d need to find a good ginger dye.

Has anyone ever tried Colour B4? What was the outcome? Can anyone recommend a decent ginger dye?

I really wish I’d never started dying my hair but I was bullied from years 7 – 11 just for my hair colour, so when I changed schools for sixth form, I thought the best way to prevent being bullied was to dye it red. Sigh. If I was to do one of those ‘Write a letter to your sixteen year old self’ things, I would tell myself not to dye my hair!

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