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1 – I know this dress is old news but I have already bought it, I just left it drying on the radiator in my student house in Winchester and it mysteriously disappeared! I love it though so I’m hoping to buy it again.
2 – I love these mocassins! A lot of people don’t like them and think they look like slippers but I had a black pair and wore them to death so I know I’d wear these all the time.
3 – I always wear my denim high waisted shorts and these would be a refreshing change for the summer.
4 – I love all this turquoise jewellery that’s out at the moment. I have bought a few turquoise pendants that I’m going to make into necklaces for myself once I’ve bought some chains.
5 – I’ve been wanting some white converse for a while and the lovely Michelle did a Ways To Wear White Converse after I requested it.. now I want some even more!
6 – I love this ring and Miss Selfridge seems to be the only shop that does XS rings which fit my baby hands!
7 – Of course I like this tshirt, it has an owl on it! I already have a similar on that says ‘Owl be there for you’ but I can’t resist this one.
8 – I’m so behind the times, I still haven’t tried any of the Topshop make up range. This lipstick is the first thing I want to try!
I’m hoping that once I’ve sold things on eBay, I’ll have a few quid to treat myself. What are you lusting after at the moment?
Hello to all my new followers! I’ve noticed that I’ve acquired about 15 since yesterday which is a lot for me. Thanks for following and commenting, it means a lot.

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