Nandos on Sunday night was good.. I wasn’t too keen on the food, it was a bit too fast food for my liking. The chocolate cheesecake that I had for dessert (see above) was gorgeous though! I’d definitely go again just for that. The company was fantastic. I’m going to be so sad to leave Primark because of a certain few people. Hopefully I’ll still see them around though. Before we went to Nandos, I went to Spoons with my friends Hera, Lily and Tim where I discovered a new vodka, Eristoff Gold it is the most delicious thing I have ever tasted! Our latest flavour innovation fuses the classic taste of ERISTOFF Original with the smooth, buttery taste of caramel – not forgetting a little vanilla – to produce a vodka that tastes as distinctive as it looks.” I now have a new drink of choice in Spoons!

Yesterday I went into town to see the man at the hotel and he said it’s fine if I work evenings so now I have two jobs! I will be starting after I get back from home in a couple of weeks. Afterwards, my boyfriend treated me to lunch at Slug and Lettuce because it’s 50% off on a Monday and I’d been craving bacon and cheese wedges for ages! The service was really slow so we got our starters for free which was a bonus. We then went for a lovely walk by the river and fed a load of ducks.

It’s less than a week until I go away to the Isle of Wight. I’m so excited! I won’t be taking my laptop with me so I won’t be blogging. If there’s free wifi anywhere I will be checking blogs. I’ll still be on twitter though! I’ll schedule a few posts for the days I’m away.

I now have 93 followers, so close to 100. I’m so overwhelmed! It seems like only yesterday I started this blog and now I have loads of people interested. I’m tempted to do another giveaway soon to say thank you to all you lovely followers.

Here’s some blogs I’ve discovered recently that I think you should all check out too: Sophie Isobel, ghostparties., Ella Masters and her shop RubyRaeLove which has some gorgeous pieces of jewellery in stock, I can’t wait until I get a bit of money so I can buy some! Definitely check these girls out!