So far I’m doing well with my blog, I’ve managed to keep it fairly active although I’ve had it for less than a week, let’s see if it stays that way! I won’t be posting much (if at all) between Monday and Friday due to my trip to Essex and London as I mentioned before. I’m amazed that I have 10 followers already! I’ve also stumbled upon a few blogs I like myself and am definitely going to be reading regularly. I think you should all check them out too!
From Aldi To Harrods – this blog has only just started out but is already full of great money saving tips, it’s definitely a great one to follow if you’re trying to rid yourself of a debt or two!
Lick The Bowl Good – this blog is full of yummy recipes, I’ve tried a few of them including these clean oven cookies which were so good they didn’t last very long around my housemate and boyfriend!
Purple Sparkle Crafts – this lady makes some amazing crafts and always has lots of beautiful photographs to look at.
LLYMLRS – you’ve probably already seen this blog if you’re into your fashion. Lily has a great style and I love seeing her outfit posts! I’m so envious of all her great clothes.
The Careless Thoughts of Uncle Montague – another blogger with great style! I love her nail posts.
That’s all for now, hopefully I’ll be coming across a few more great blogs which I can share with you.