As you get older, you find that you have a lot of really expensive things to pay for which can be painful at times. Who finds it easy to part with their hard earned cash? I know I certainly don’t, unless it’s for food or makeup then I don’t have a problem at all!

Once you hit seventeen, it seems like everyone is expecting you to learn to drive and there can be a lot of pressure put onto you to learn as quickly as possible, but it’s very pricey! Unless you’re lucky enough to have someone pay for your lessons and tests, learning to drive can leave you feeling a bit broke at the end of it which is what happened to me. View Post

I’ve been on so many trips so far this year; nine flights and hundreds of train journeys yet I’ve still got itchy feet and want to carry on exploring the world. Unfortunately, I can’t book anything for a while as I’m going back to university next month to study for a Masters degree, so for now, all I can do is research and make plans as to where I want to go on my next big trip.

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When I found out that there was a cat cafe in Barcelona, I just had to get us booked in for our trip in June. I love cat cafes and so far including this one in Barcelona, I have been to five in four different countries (you can read my previous posts about London, Paris and Amsterdam), I think they’re brilliant! One of my goals on my 30 before 30 list is to visit two new cat cafes, so now I’m halfway to completing that one! View Post