I know Christmas has just been and gone but like everyone, I’ve always got a list of things I want. I’m waiting for a tax rebate and I get paid on Friday so I might have a bit of spending money soon.

This bag should actually have been one of my Christmas presents but I told my mom to wait until the sales in case it was reduced. There’s now £10 off but it’s out of stock on the website and there weren’t any in the Cath Kidston section in Selfridges, Birmingham. Hopefully I’ll be able to find it in the shop in Winchester.. if not, it says it will be in stock on the 30th so I should probably just order it. I love my saddle bag but sometimes I wish I had a smaller one to take out. This should fit in all my essentials (purse, phone, iPod, bottle of water etc.) but is still quite small!

Trellis Rose Day Bag. £35 from Cath Kidston

I want to start building up a collection of Disney dvds. I already have a few (Beauty and the Beast, Toy Story 3, Hercules, Tarzan, Dumbo, The Aristocats) but there are so many that are still on my wishlist. I haven’t yet had my Christmas money off my grandparents but I know exactly what it is going on:

I’ve just discovered how many lovely colours the Topshop nail polish comes in. At the moment, I’m obsessed with always having my nails painted and because of work, I like to make sure it’s never chipped. This means I usually paint them two to three times a week. It’s usually nothing fancy, either a No7 or Barry M colour but it makes me feel good to have colourful nails. Here are my favourites from Topshop, at £5 each they’re a bit pricey for me I may treat myself next time I’m in one of the stores!
Mannequin, a nice nude colour which would definitely go with everything!
Utilitarian, a khaki green which seems to be all the rage nowadays.
Gone Fishing, a nice mint green which would be perfect for spring!
Every year I save up my Boots points and spend them after Christmas on something I wouldn’t usually splash out on. This year, I want a Chanel lipstick but I’m a few points (around 60) short! Being a student, I can’t afford to spend that much in Boots so I gain my points from buying the essentials such as hair dye, shampoo, cold and flu tablets etc, so it could be another month or so until I can afford it. Unfortunately, they won’t let you pay part cash/part points. It’s all or nothing. I’m not sure which shade I want yet but I know I want one of the Rouge Coco lipsticks.
Chanel Rouge Coco lipstick. £21.50 from Boots.
Of course, there are a hundred other things I want such as a guinea pig and a holiday but I’m going to have to save a bit more (and perhaps find another job) for them!

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