Fidget spinners are the next big trend in schools and I know that my teacher friends are already getting annoyed with them being used in classrooms, but did you know that although they’re marketed as a stress-reliever for children who have learning difficulties and also a good idea for children who have ADHD, they’re not just for children? Fidget spinners can be a great distraction and give you something to do with your hands if you’re trying to break a habit such as smoking.

They look like a simple contraction but in fact, you can do all sorts of tricks with a fidget spinner. They can be spun on your fingers, on your nose if you have the skills or they can be stacked on top of each other. There’s plenty of YouTube videos showing how to do some of these tricks if you wanted to learn more. If you fancy getting your hands on one of these fidget spinners, you can get yourself one for free by simply going over to the fidget spinner giveaway on the Simply E Liquid website.

I know you probably don’t want to start thinking about it yet, but brands are starting to have their Autumn/Winter 2017 press days and all over Instagram stories and Twitter you can find snaps of the next big trends for the colder months. As far as I can tell, belted coats, fishnets, and vintage-inspired fur coats are all returning to our wardrobes this season which is great news for me. I love all three of these and have a couple of faux-fur coats already in my wardrobe.

Trilogy Stores have put together a guide to help you choose your outfits this autumn. If you take a look at this guide, you’ll hopefully be able to make the most of autumnal-chic, and glide effortlessly into the winter months without any fashion faux pas.  View Post

Extreme sports rose to popularity in the late 1990s and have established a strong following ever since. The abundance of “extreme” activities, from paintballing to bungee jumping, are the perfect addition to the tourism industry — and London has it all.

A visit to the UK’s capital will provide world-famous sights, unique attractions and enough sporting activities to keep you occupied. Even if extreme sports happen to be your cup of tea, London is the go-to tourist location. Whether you’re a well-practiced adrenaline junkie or just looking to add some oomph to an upcoming trip, extreme sports are the ideal leisure activity.

So, planning a trip to London? Here are five extreme sports experiences you should try.

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