Making the decision to go to university is not something that should be taken lightly. University certainly isn’t for everybody and there’s nothing wrong with that. A lot of people find that they can get into their dream career without paying thousands to study. For others, that’s not the case. I’m just coming to the end of my masters degree, which means I’ve spent a total of four years at university. For me, choosing to get a degree was a good decision and hopefully, deciding to get a second one will also benefit me. A Level and college exams are now coming to an end and over the next few months, people will be deciding whether they should take the leap into higher education. Here are the reasons why university was a good decision for me. 

Moving out

I have done both of my degrees at the University of Winchester. I’m from Staffordshire (just north of Birmingham), so Winchester is about 130 miles south. If I hadn’t chosen to go to university, I wouldn’t have moved out at 19. I also wouldn’t have experienced living somewhere new. I was already quite independent before I moved into halls, but being at university meant that I learnt some vital life skills. I learnt how to register with the gas, water and electricity companies and pay bills. I found out what a struggle it can be to live with other people. I learnt how to look after myself properly and how I can’t rely on other people for everything.

Getting experience

So far, I haven’t had a job related to my first degree (BA (Hons) Archaeology), however I have volunteered at Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery. Without my degree, I probably wouldn’t have got that volunteering placement so quickly. With my masters degree (MSc Human Osteology and Funerary Studies) a whole world of possibilities will open up for me. I will be able to apply for my dream job in a museum as I now have a lot more experience. I’ve spent the past year handling a lot of human remains and this will be a big advantage for me when I start to apply for jobs.

For some careers, a degree is essential. I have friends who have always known what they wanted to do and have known that they needed a degree to achieve this. If you’re looking to going into nursing or teaching or you want to get a job as a lawyer, then a degree is essential.

Meeting new people

Although I graduated from my BA almost six years ago, I have friends from university who I still speak to on a regular basis. Although I don’t see them very often (and one of my best friends is currently living in Australia!) I know that these are the people I will be friends with forever. If I hadn’t moved down to Winchester then I wouldn’t have met so many people from different backgrounds and from different places across the UK. I also met some terrible people along the way, but the friends that I’ve still got made it all worth it.

Have you been to university? Are you planning on going?


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