Today is the 1st September which is so exciting! September means that autumn is coming, pumpkin spice lattes are coming back, my birthday is next month and I START UNI THIS MONTH. October is obviously my favourite month due to my birthday (on the 5th, don’t forget!), it’s properly autumn by then and there’s all the excitement of Halloween and it’s time to get out all of the autumn/winter scented candles. For a lot of people, October is a chance to make a change and try to give something up and they call it Stoptober or Sober October.

Personally, I don’t smoke and I rarely drink so I don’t usually give anything up for October. I could easily give up drinking but with it being my birthday at the beginning of the month, I usually like to get a cocktail or two to celebrate. However, this year I’m going to try my best to give up something that’s really bad for me, that I’m really addicted to – full fat Coke. I drink at least a can a day, which is terrible for both my teeth and my body – the amount of sugar in one can is ridiculous. I’m going to cut back and try to drink more protein shakes.

To find out how successful Stoptober has been over the years, Nicotinell, manufacturers of a variety of stop smoking products, has examined the following research:

How Stoptober is helping people to begin their quit

Search volume and Google Trends data around relevant keywords linked to the Stoptober campaign provides plenty of insight into how popular this Public Health England initiative has become.

For example, the average monthly search volume for the term ‘Stoptober’ in the UK was 18,100 between August 2013 and July 2017. However, spikes for this keyword were recorded in September and October of each year analysed; the highest of which was with 266,570 searches in September 2014, followed by 87,410 searches in October 2014.

Stop smoking

The average search volume for the keyword ‘stop smoking’ in the UK was 14,800 searches for the period covering August 2013 to July 2017. However, the following are spikes which have been seen for this keyword over the past few years:

  • There were 60,320 searches in September 2013.
  • 57,630 searches in October 2013.
  • 49,100 searches in September 2014.
  • 51,670 searches in October 2014.
  • 53,470 searches in September 2015.
  • 53,160 searches in October 2015.
  • 46,210 searches in September 2016.
  • 47,770 searches in October 2016.

September and October is definitely a popular time to start trying to quit smoking and there’s a lot of help out there if you’re thinking of quitting too. There are many different options for you if you’re quitting smoking, from using nicotine patches or nicotine gum to vaping. A lot of people choose to vape or use ecigarettes  when quitting smoking as it’s quite similar – it gives you something to do with your hands and you still get that nicotine hit without all of the nasties that are in cigarettes.

Are you going to be taking part in Stoptober?


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