I’ve had my fair share of bad dating experiences. I’m heading towards thirty and I’m still single much to my family’s disappointment. So, as you can imagine I’ve tried all of the available options when it comes to dating apps. Or so I thought – until I found Meetchu. I thought that today I’d share with you a couple of my dating horror stories and mishaps before I tell you all about the app.

The User

This guy I met on a mobile dating app, we hit it off straight away and he came down to see me. We soon became a couple and we spent the next five weeks in each other’s pockets. I heard all of the usual “I love you, we should move in together when you finish uni..” etc. and all was going well, or so I thought until he ended it out of the blue. A spent a couple of weeks being miserable until I got over him. A couple of months later, I got an email from a brand. It turns out, he’d been using my blog to get products sent to him! He told them they would be reviewed on here. As you can imagine, I was furious and embarrassed. I also felt like such a mug!

The One Who Didn’t Like Me

After a couple of months of being with one guy, he kept asking me to move in with him. Eventually, I did and everything was great.. for a month or so. He soon became moody, said he didn’t want me to spend every night there hated spending time with me.  He’d flinch when I touched him, he never wanted to make plans with me, he snapped when I’d talk to him. These next few months were the most miserable time of my life. I’d never felt so alone, so unwanted and so worthless. I felt like he was just keeping me around because I did all of the cooking and cleaning. I used to spend my evenings sat in the local park crying my eyes out because he didn’t want me around.

The Hand Shaker

I met a guy on another app and we were chatting all day, every day for a few days. He worked in a shop in town, so he told me to pop in if I was ever around to say hello. One day, I went in to meet him and he shook my hand as I approached him. We chatted for a few minutes and just before I left he shook my hand again. After that we carried on chatting via text, but he would never make plans to meet up with me properly. I would occasionally pop in to see him at work and he’d shake my hand, but that was it. It was all very odd.

The Short Guy

When I was single in my first year of uni, a guy added me on Facebook. I thought I recognised him so I accepted but it turned out I didn’t know him at all. We got chatting and he asked me out on a date. We arranged to go to the cinema in the nearby town and he came to my house to pick me up. When he arrived I realised that he was my height and I’m short. As we were walking down to the train station, he asked me “Did you think I was going to be this short?” – how awkward!


Meetchu is a new dating app that lets you meet before you meet. Meetchu allows for video profiles, which means that you can get to know a person better before you actually meet up. You can be sure that they are who they say they are and then there’s no awkwardness when they turn up looking completely different. You can also video call within the app. If you think that it’s not going so great, then you can delete any sent messages, videos or pictures off their phone. It’s genius! I love the idea of the video profiles and I think it would make me a lot more likely to meet up with someone if I’d seen a video of them beforehand.

Meetchu allows you to login with your Facebook app, so it’s really easy to sign up. It only takes a couple of seconds once you’ve downloaded the app. You can use your Facebook profile photo, upload different ones or add ten second video clips. Once you’ve got your profile set up, the app is easy enough to use. It’s just a case of swiping right if you like someone and swiping left if you don’t. If it’s a match, then you can get chatting!

If you fancy downloading Meetchu and trying it out for yourself, you can download the app using my code to receive a one month’s free premium membership.


Have you got any dating horror stories? How have you been getting on with dating apps?


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