How often do you find yourself getting bored of where you live? When you’ve exhausted all options of rearranging furniture and changing your ornaments around, there’s only two things you can do – #MoveOrImprove. Which is more stressful, moving house or redecorating? I don’t think anybody really enjoys all of the legal stress of moving house, so Slater & Gordon Solicitors offer their services to help with anything related to conveyancing to help take the stress away from you.

I’ve moved house quite a few times as I’ve been to uni and had to find a couple of places to rent which was really really stressful. It will soon be time for me to think about saving to buy my own home which to be honets, is probably going to take a while as I’m going back to uni this year to study for a Masters degree. In the mean time, I’ve been improving on my bedroom at my parent’s house and making the most out of what I’ve got. When I do eventually start to look for a place to buy, I will be thinking a lot about the location – I will wan t somewhere close to where I am working which will hopefully be down south near Winchester. I will also want somewhere with a lot of windows to let in natural light and perhaps a small garden. I don’t want a lot of upkeep but I would like to have cats and dogs, so would like somewhere for them to run around and let off steam.

I’ve worked in an Estate Agents before, so I know a lot about the buying and selling process and just how awful it can be at times. I highly recommend you seek out a good solicitor before you start looking to buy as they make all the difference.



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