Next weekend I’m going down to Winchester to see my best friend. I go down there quite often and we always have a lot of fun, but this time we’re both a bit short of cash so have decided to spend as little money as we can and still have a great time. Usually we end up getting piercings, going shopping in Southampton and going for a night out but that can start to get a bit costly. We’ve been putting our heads together and¬†between us and have come up with a few ideas of things we can do.

A long walk with a pub lunch

Winchester and the surrounding area is beautiful and going for a walk is a great way to get some exercise, a good chance to take in the local countryside and best of all is completely free. My friend has found us a route that has a pub in the middle so we can stop for lunch before we carry on. Hopefully the weather is going to be on our side and we can make a great day of it. I’ll be able to reach¬†my 10,000 step goal on my FitBit as well if I’m lucky.

A pamper session

We wanted to do a spa day but we weren’t able to find any good offers online, so we’ve decided to have our own pampering session at her house. We’re going to go into town and pick up some face masks and spend the afternoon treating ourselves and doing our nails. I already have quite a few face masks at home that I can take down, so this isn’t going to cost a lot of money.

Cooking and baking

Instead of ordering in a Chinese takeaway like we usually do, we’ve decided to get the ingredients from the supermarket and make some Chinese food ourselves. I’m really good at making crispy chilli beef and egg fried rice and it’s going to cost us a fraction of the price of an actual takeaway. Instead of buying in dessert, we are going to do some baking and what’s more fun than cake decorating? Even if it could get a bit messy (I’m not very good with a piping bag), it will be more enjoyable than buying them in.

Sitting in a coffee shop

One of my favourite things to do with friends is sit in a coffee shop whilst chatting and people watching for hours. There’s plenty of independent coffee shops in Winchester that we can choose from and a cup off coffee doesn’t cost a fortune. One of my favourites is Ginger Two for Tea which is hidden away just off the high street. We’re planning to do this on Saturday morning before we get the things we need for our pamper session.


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  1. May 5, 2017 / 8:43 pm

    Nice ideas ! I always think that you don’t need to spend a fortune to have fun, like you said a coffee maybe a little cake and a long walk is just as great !

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