One of the most important rooms in a house is the kitchen. If you’re into cooking, the kitchen is where you spend time preparing your food and if you like to cook from scratch, you could be spending hours in there each week. This is why people like to make sure that their kitchens are a place where they feel comfortable and happy and they have everything that they need in there to prepare a meal for the family. For those that have a large enough kitchen, it’s often where they eat as well and it can also be a place to socialise.

The Plastic People who create kitchen splashbacks have done a bit of research into today’s kitchen culture in the UK.

Sales of various kitchen appliances

According to research carried out by Mintel:

  • Sales of small kitchen appliances have increased from £635 million in 2011 to £897 million in 2015 — a 41 per cent boost.
  • Sales of food preparation appliances have increased by 145 per cent from 2011 to 2015.
  • Sales of hot beverage making appliances have increased from £78 million in 2011 to an estimated £148 million in 2015 — an 89 per cent boost.

Home improvements can be really costly, but it’s definitely worth it when you have somewhere that you are happy to spend a lot of time in and can create meals for your family.

A kitchen’s effect on lifestyles

According to the 2017 Houzz Kitchen Trends Study — UK, these are the ways homeowners have changed their lifestyles as a result of renovations and home improvements:

  • 69 per cent now spend more family time in their kitchen.
  • 56 per cent now find themselves working and/or studying for longer in their kitchen.
  • 51 per cent now host more dinner parties or other forms of entertaining guest in their home.
  • 49 per cent now bake more.
  • 43 per cent now cook or prepare more meals at home.
  • 42 per cent now have more sit-down meals.
  • 36 per cent now order less takeaways.
  • 23 per cent now eat more fruits and/or vegetables.

The UK’s most popular kitchen appliances

The Mintel research also revealed that in 2015:

  • 42 per cent of Brits bought a kettle.
  • 30 per cent of Brits bought a toaster.
  • 15 per cent of Brits bought a sandwich maker or grilling machine.
  • 13 per cent of Brits bought a juicer or smoothie maker.
  • 13 per cent of Brits bought a coffee capsule or pod drink maker.
  • 11 per cent of Brits bought a filter coffee machine.

In my house, we have most of these appliances – we actually have two coffee capsule or pod drink makers (a Nespresso and a Tassimo!) and we also have a KitchenAid. It may seem a bit excessive but we do get a lot of use out of them!

The UK’s most popular kitchen appliance upgrade

The following is the frequency of upgraded appliance types in the kitchen, from homeowners who either renovated their kitchen in the 12 months prior to the release of the 2017 Houzz Kitchen Trends Study — UK, are currently renovating their kitchen, or are looking to do so over the three months after the release of the research:

  • Dishwasher(s) – 82 per cent.
  • Fridge/freezer – 78 per cent.
  • Extractor fan – 77 per cent.
  • Hob(s) – 75 per cent.
  • Wall oven(s) – 56 per cent.
  • Microwave – 53 per cent.

The same study also revealed that stainless steel was the most popular colour when upgrading appliances (47 per cent opted for this tone), followed by black (22 per cent) and then white (10 per cent).

I know that a lot of households can’t manage without a dishwasher, so it doesn’t surprise me that they get upgraded the most. Fridge/freezers are also an essential in any kitchen!


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