Lifestyle: The best games for your smartphone

Since the invention of smartphones, it’s become so much easier to play online games. Almost everyone has a smartphone these days and you can guarantee that they have at least one game on there. Recently, games like Pokemon Go have become really popular – you can’t go anywhere without bumping into a kid (or adult!) who’s chasing after a Pikachu or Ryhorn. I’ve even got sucked into the whole Pokemon Go hype and have managed to get myself up to a level 16, I still don’t understand how to fight in the gyms so have just been trying to ‘Catch ’em all’ and level up. These sort of games mean that you have to leave the house and wander round though, so aren’t as good when you’re stuck at home.


Online casino games such as M88 can be played on your phone wherever you are, so if you’re bored at work or just stuck at home you can easily entertain yourself. I’ve often found that I’ve been stuck in places such as train stations for hours with train delays and have nothing to do, so this is where my phone comes in handy and I’ve been able to keep myself occupied with a game until I manage to get home – it’s amazing how fast time can fly when you’re getting stuck into a game on your phone. It’s also great to be able to win a bit of money while you’re otherwise not earning anything, I find that these type of games really get my heart racing and are so much fun!


In the past couple of years I’ve found myself obsessed with the game 2048 which I haven’t managed to complete – it really gets me frustrated and I can spend hours on it! I’m determined that one day I will finish it though. Another game that I used to love was Temple Run – remember when that was all the rage back in 2011/2012? I used to spend ages playing on it instead of doing my uni work and I managed to get 15,000,000 points which took me forever and I was really proud of but in the end I didn’t really achieve anything apart from wasting an hour of my afternoon!


These days people tend to choose their phones based on which apps they can download onto them and how fast they are rather than for the calling or texting abilities. I’ve had iPhones for the past four or five years and would not want to go to any other brand now as there’s so many different apps available on the app store and it’s also so easy to browse the internet. What online games do you have on your phone? Do you ever play online casino games?


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