It will come as no surprise to you that I spend most of my waking hours on public transport. I’m always off somewhere, whether it be just a trip into town to do some work in a coffee shop or going further afield to explore a new area (I’m currently in Newquay!) you can usually find me on a bus or train. Since I’m moving back to Winchester in September (I actually received an offer to study my chosen MSc!), I will be spending a lot of time on Stagecoach buses again and thankfully, the new Stagecoach Bus App has brought bus travel straight into 2017! 

Everything is in one place

You have no idea how many times I lost my weekly bus ticket when I was living in Winchester before. It’s so frustrating when you pay out for a weekly ticket and then lose it on the second or third day! With this new app, you can pay for and access your tickets all on your phone, you just need to show it to the driver as you board the bus. This is also brilliant if you don’t have any change – only yesterday I got on a bus thinking it was going to be £2.20 and it was actually £4.20. Luckily, the driver gave me a half fare and told me to pretend I was 16 if any inspectors got on but if it had been a Stagecoach bus, I could have used the app and saved myself and the driver a lot of hassle.
You can also access the bus timetables from the app, which is a lot easier than having to go to a bus stop or try and find it online. It’s really simple and you can also track whereabouts the bus is, so if there’s traffic and your bus is going to be delayed on your way to work, you can call them in advance and let them know! This is something I could really do with for my local buses at home as they are always late or they sometimes don’t even show up which is a complete pain.

Local travel made even simpler

If you’re in a new town/city and don’t know where the bus stop is, you can use the app to find your location and it will navigate you to the right place. This would be great for me as I’m always exploring new places, I don’t know how many times I’ve wandered around a new place searching for the correct bus stop. This will save a lot of time and stress, which sounds perfect! You can also use it to plan your routes which is really handy.

The Stagecoach Bus App is free and you can download it for Apple and Android smartphones; take it from me, if you take the bus, it’s definitely worth the download.


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