Lifestyle: Planning a summer barbecue

planning a summer barbecueWhilst the weather is good, we should be making the most out of the longer nights and spending more time outdoors. There are plenty of things to do in the summer during the day and once you get home, you often just want to crash out in front of the television and enjoy a bit of relaxation however, why waste the warm nights? You can do all of that in the winter!

My favourite thing to do on a warm summers evening is to invite some friends round and have a barbecue and here are my top tips on making the most of it.

Set the scene

I like to have the gazebo set up in the garden, we often have it up all summer round but it’s great to arrange the garden furniture underneath it, add some cosy blankets and you can also make it look a bit magical with some outdoor¬†lighting – my personal favourite is fairy lights.

Make a playlist

There’s nothing better than a good summer playlist – I like to pick out my favourite songs and put them together onto a Spotify playlist and then I’ll bring my Sonos speakers out into the garden and control them with my phone.

Use your favourite recipes

Having a barbecue is a good excuse for trying out all of your favourite recipes. I like to use Pinterest before I start to decide what I’m going to cook as there are so many amazing recipes on there, not just for meat but there’s also great salad ideas on there too. I make a mean potato salad for our barbecues!

Don’t forget the drinks

Summer is the best time of year to get the cocktails flowing – I love making a mojito to enjoy in the garden and making cocktails is a great activity for you and your friends. You also can’t have a summer barbecue without Pimms!



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