I would be lying if I said that I wasn’t reliant on the internet, I use it a hell of a lot more than I think I do and if I was to suddenly be without it for some reason, I think I would struggle to cope. As well as my job obviously being centred around the internet, there are so many other aspects of my life that rely heavily on the internet as well. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing though, we’ve come so far since the internet was invented and it’s created so many new jobs and opportunities which Talk Talk Business understand. You can check out reviews for Talk Talk here. 

As I previously mentioned, my job is internet based and I obviously wouldn’t be able to do it without an online connection. I publish posts online, I get work via people emailing me, I send my invoices electronically and I mostly get paid via Paypal which is all online. Before I was a full time blogger, I searched for and applied for jobs online – I got my last two full time jobs by finding them on Reed and applying via email.

I don’t really have any friends in this area, most of them live at least an hour away by public transport, which means that I don’t get to see them as often as I would like. I get around this by chatting to them online using Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp. I’m part of a fantastic WhatsApp group with some brilliant bloggers (Kariss, Rachel, Haydy, Kellie, Laura, Lizi, Ally, Milly, Faith & Bee – go and check them out!), they’re the most supportive bunch of ladies and without the internet, meeting them wouldn’t have been possible and it would be a lot harder to keep in touch too.

I do a lot of my shopping online, I often find that the sales are a lot better than in store, especially with shops like New Look. I can never find anything I like in store, but five minutes on the website and I’ve spent £100, oops! Amazon Prime is also an absolute lifesaver if I need something quickly and don’t want to go out traipsing round the shops, I don’t even think about picking up my phone and loading up the app to search for whatever it is that I want. I will buy anything from makeup to cat toys, to books, to coffee whitener from Amazon! Online shopping makes up 28.8% of the UK’s fashion spend which is incredible, Mediaworks have recently released a Fashion Digital Whitepaper which can help fashion retailers to improve their digital performance.

I always turn to the internet if I have any queries or want some information. For example, I really fancied some cake the other day, so googled ‘mug cake recipes’ and managed to find a really nice one and I was eating my honey mug cake within ten minutes. I also heavily rely on the internet when I’m in new cities, especially when I’m abroad as Google Maps is an absolute lifesaver!

Thank God for the internet!


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  1. Emily Newstead
    July 11, 2017 / 11:36 am

    I couldn’t imagine my life without the internet, I rely on it 99% of the time! Absolutely love your laptop and phone case:)

    Emily xo

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