I’ve been on Instagram for six years now, ever since I bought myself an iPod Touch and was finally able to download apps. I never used to take it very seriously, posting pictures of anything I fancied and adding filters to them until the images were completely unrecognisable compared to the originals. For me, Instagram wasn’t really about the followers or the interactions and I didn’t really link it to my blog at all.

When Instagram started to get a lot more popular and a lot of bloggers started to use it, I tried to improve the photos that I was using. I bought a wifi SD card for my DSLR, so I could easily get photos off my camera straight onto my phone. This has been a great help and I’ve noticed that I get a lot more likes on photos that are off my DSLR rather than off my iPhone camera.


One of the main things that I like to post on Instagram is food, however back in the beginning I really didn’t care about the presentation of the food or how the photo turned out. I’ve since realised that it’s much better for what you’re posting to be aesthetically pleasing and to actually look appetising. Something may taste absolutely delicious but look awful on camera – it’s best not to post those things! I’ve recently been working with The Furniture Market who have compiled some tips for taking the best photos of food for instagram.

With some food, a close up shot from above can be a bit unflattering, so it’s best to take the photo from an angle and if there’s a nice table, then make sure you get that in shot too. The best backgrounds are wooden furniture as these don’t reflect the light and give your photos an awful glare. I find that a good oak table can give a nice rustic feel to the photo as well. It’s a good idea to get all elements of the dish into the photo rather than focussing on just one part, this can be more aesthetically pleasing. Also, try not to take photos with the light directly above as this can cause horrendous shadows.



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