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My brother is going to be moving in with his girlfriend in the next couple of weeks and it will be his first time moving out of our parents’ home. He’s slowly been collecting bits and pieces since he found out that they had the flat and his girlfriend will have a few things already as she has been living away from home at uni for the last few years, however I will be getting them both a moving in present as there will still be some things that they will need.

When you don’t have a lot of furniture, you can make the place look a lot more homely with cushions and rugs – this is what me and my boyfriend have done in our flat. I’ve bought a lot of our things from Flying Tiger, everything there is so quirky and colourful and the stock changes constantly so there’s always new things in to have a look at. One of my favourite things in our flat is a rainbow striped rug – it makes such a huge difference to the feel of the place.

One of the most important things to get for your kitchen is a combination microwave – you can make so many meals quickly with one which is ideal as my brother and his girlfriend will be working long hours (she’s a vet!) so won’t always want to cook something fancy when they get in from work.

To make a place feel more homely, I really love using scented candles or wax tart burners. I tend to buy a lot of mine from Yankee Candle when there’s a sale on (I’ve always got a huge stash of the winter scents which are half price after Christmas) or I go for Flamingo Candles. My favourite kind of scents are parma violet or anything with vanilla in.

Cath Kidston do a fantastic range of homeware – it is a bit pricy but if you can get to a store when there’s a sale on or one of the outlet stores, you can get yourself some right bargain. I particularly love their mugs and bedding.


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  1. September 3, 2016 / 11:46 am

    I adore flying tiger! Myself and my partner are moving soon and I can’t wait to restyle our home! These are all really great gift ideas, they’re all so pretty and the microwave is an essential haha! x

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