Lifestyle: How to properly utilise your backyard in 4 simple steps


Most people use backyard for recreational purposes. Ideal of every family is having a backyard pool, grill area and fancy patio. However, the thing homeowners usually do not realise is that backyard can be utilised in a more functional way.

Instead of focusing on entertainment value and exterior design, you can place emphasis on power generation, gardening and all sorts of other things.

This mindset is so important nowadays given the constant increase of world population and subsequent food and power shortages. Although this still isn’t a big burden, the change can be seen through increasing electricity and water bills.

In order to do something meaningful, cut your bills and save the planet, you should consider these 4 simple steps.

Water conservation


When it comes to water, we are pretty spoiled. As of late, many countries are debating whether water should be the basic human right. This reflects shortages and high costs for water distribution.

Unless you wish to wait for a day when water is expensive as gold, you should make sure to harvest water by yourself. This can be easily done with water barrels and water pumps like these here.

Water barrels are pretty rudimentary solution allowing you to collect water pouring from the roof. Tanks are a bit more sophisticated using water pumps to distribute water around the house. With water pumps, you can easily get clean water for drinking and showering throughout your house while barrel water should be mainly used for gardening and washing your car.



Solar panels were really expensive when they first appeared. Given that the competition increased over time, they have become rather cheap product and easily attainable. Besides your roof, you can also install solar panels in your backyard.

The only thing you need to consider is the number of sunny days during the year and whether the panels are blocked by some items in your backyard. If we exclude that, the installation is rather simple.



With the progressively worsening economic state in western countries, a lot of people lost their jobs. In a normal economy, this wouldn’t be a problem. But, given the small number of offer on the job market, it is really hard for a professional to find a new employment. As a result, even the people in urban areas are slowly opting to plant their own fruits and vegetables.

Backyard gardening has slowly replaced pools and other types of entertaining objects/items. Besides the obvious fact that this allows you to feed your family during the rough economy, there are also some other benefits.

Gardening is great as it allows you to control the entire process. Now, you can be certain that the produce you are growing is of highest quality, not modified and at the tip of your fingers at any time.

Planting trees


Similar to vegetable gardens, planting trees is a great way to go green and focus on natural, home-produced food.

Fruit-bearing trees are much better than the regular oaks or willows (or whatever people otherwise plant in their backyards). There is another thing that needs to be considered when it comes to trees. They provide a lot of air.

Tree planting trends are common all over the world. Some countries even started building buildings that will have a sole purpose of facilitating air-improving trees.

For the longest time, we have seen backyard as a place where friends gather and have fun. Times have certainly changed and we have to change with them. Nowadays, it is much smarter to use your backyards for protecting the planet and harnessing resources.


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  1. March 8, 2017 / 2:55 pm

    Love this post! My husband and I are busy working on our garden at the moment trying to get it ready for summer, so they steps will be very helpful!

    Rachael xx.

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